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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

My friend Nick Grimshawe has embarrassed me into action one more time. I got an epic email from Nick this morning and here I am. The focus of his missive was how to get things done online when you don’t have the skills and not much budget to carry on with.

But he mentioned some friends that helped him start his first website, and they are certainly friends of mine, also. I was really struck by the mere mention of two peeps that have been really important in my development (or regression in all honesty) of the past several years.

Sunny Suggs is just pretty damn near legendary around my place. She has bailed my ass out of the barnacles more times than I can mention and is also a great friend. When times go tough and when times go hard Sunny is always, and I do mean always there. Always. Maybe even more important is that when times go great she is also there.

One of my most pleasing experiences in business was the building of trackeryme. I gave Rhonda Pizor really explicit instructions such as “I want boy colors, not girl colors” and she spun that into a really great site. She was implicit in the early success of the Lucky 13 team and just an all around great person. Not having Rhonda around is a huge loss for me and the larger community.

I’ve got to mention Janelle Pineau. We came to TE land about the same time and Janelle was the first person that I wanted to be like. Since then we have worked on and co owned a whole raft of projects and my initial assessment has just gotten nothing but stronger. The embodiment of hustle and grit I am incredibly lucky to be a part of her circle.

Now I’m sitting here trying to decide what the point of all this might be. Certainly the fact that I am putting black marks on an otherwise white page is a good sign. I really haven’t written anything in the last 6 months and I have words inside me that want and need to escape. For better or worse I am hoping that this is the re start, not just a blip.

<Giggle> I’m not even sure where I will publish this. My site is a currently a monument to the need for a good backup plan. Perhaps Nick will have shamed me into doing a whole host of things that I need to do. At the very least, I am writing again. At the very best I have a plan to conquer the internet. With the help of a few good friends.

I’m just sayin’

Mariners and Blue Jays Start Season 0-5

The Mariners and Blue Jays have started the new Major League Baseball season a combined 0 and 5.

Fortunately, Janelle and I (and Boris) have had a much better week so far. The launch of Major League Advertising went much better than 0-5. We started raggedy with a problem that didn’t credit references correctly, but that was corrected fairly quickly. We are still working to make sure that people get credited for their sign ups.

Otherwise, it has just mostly been fun. If you can call intense stress fun. Thanks to a whole lot of help and good vibes given to us by a whole bunch of people, the experience has been great. Way more fun that Janelle (Blue Jays) and I (Mariners) have been having trash talking our teams.

Which brings me to our third teammate. Boris says he only knows one thing about baseball “There is no crying in Baseball” but he darn sure knows coding and design. Our resident genius has bailed us out several times already.

The M’s and Jays might be shuffling so far, but the MLA team is alive and well and planning a long term future. Thanks for being part of the ride!

I’m just sayin’

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Life is Good

I’ve got to admit. Life is pretty darn good for me right now.

I am right this minute smoking the best cigar I’ve ever owned (A Cohiba Cuban, smuggled in by a friend).

I spent the weekend riding and in company with good friends.

Gonzaga University is playing for the NCAA Championship tonight. Who would have thought that a teeny Jesuit University from Spokane, WA would say that?

THE Chicago Blackhawks have clinched the best record in the Western Conference and home ice at least until the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Seattle Mariners start their run to the World Series (you read it here first) today.

And we are launching Major League Advertising today. We being Janelle Pineau, Boris Petricevic and myself. It is essentially a Traffic Exchange with a baseball game integrated inside. We like to think that we have a slightly different take on the genre, geared toward our advertisers and associates.

It’s been a long, slow journey. We started in September and are rushing to get it ready as I write this. We know it will never be finished, and we have BIG plans for the future. To finally spring it on you all is a huge deal. That which does not kill us can only make us stronger.

Everybody should have people to work with like Boris and Janelle. Friends, of course, but each with a skill set and dedication that are absolutely terrific. It has been sometimes frustrating, sometimes crazy but having a team like this is simply a reward all by itself.

The proof is in the pudding, and we are pretty proud of ours. Why not mosey over to Major League Advertising and take a look. It’s free to join and participate,

Go Zags.

Fear the Blackhawks.

Mariners Uber Alles.

I’m just sayin’