Chat Protocol

It’s a social world out there in Traffic Exchange land, and we just as well get used to it.  But there are some basic rules of courtesy that can make it more pleasant for all the participants.

1:  Seven smilies does not constitute conversation or ‘chat’.  I know you have to be really clever to post smilies in the chat bar, but try to have a conversation.  Please.

2:  Try to make it as near normal conversation as you can.  If you try to dominate the chat, the participants can just go back to surfing until you run out of steam.  Really.  Nobody is particularly interested in your fascination with and arcane knowledge of gum tin foil ball construction.  Really.

3:  Chat isn’t the place to sell.  Save your links and great deals for another format.  Chat IS the place to make friends and acquaintances some of which might someday wish to join you in your venture…if you are a friend FIRST.  Many chats don’t allow links, and most chat participants really don’t want that.  They are looking at Ads for the same thing, for crying out loud…

4:  Polite and courteous works wonders in chat.  Don’t slam any groups, countries, religions, or races.  All are represented in this industry.

5:  I don’t care how much scotch you drank tonight, I really don’t.  Save it for your bar buddies.

6:  It is “The World Wide Web”.  People all around the earth use it at all times of the day and night.  Don’t assume that lunchtime where you are is lunchtime for anybody else.  The relationship to ‘time’ is non existent here.

7:  The language your mother taught you works just fine in Chat.  Foul words and nasty comments are offensive to someone, every time.  EVERY time.  Every SINGLE time.

So.  There is my chat bellyache for the week.  I really enjoy the chat feature most of the time.  I have met some people in chat that I am really fond of, and care about.  If a basic anti social person like me does, I presume many others have.  That’s a good thing.  It can be a great thing, so long as everybody follows basic fundamentals.

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