Fire and Fall Back

Trust and the Tom Wacker business model

Ultimately the business of internet marketing (just like all others) gets down to trust.  I have to trust my business partners, or there is no business.  When I owned off line businesses I had to trust my suppliers to get my product to me on time, I had to trust my customers to pay for my product and they had to trust the quality of work done.  It’s the same here, more or less.  Even more so, I think, because we don’t deal in anything physical.  My promise, and yours, is really all we have to sell or buy.

Trust Me

It was with some dismay that I watched a new product launch yesterday.  Essentially the precise same product that the same person launched 6 months ago.  Different name, of course, slightly different slant on the product, but essentially the same.  What happened to the last one?  Really?  I bought into the last one, and I haven’t heard a peep.  I guess it was just time to fold it up and start again.  Trust me, this time is different!

And so today.  I have been eagerly awaiting a product launch (by another company) that is promised on Monday.  Wait for it, it will be worth it.  Sit on it, we’ll make it worth your patience.  Don’t breathe a word until the date and time, we’ll spring this together and you will have as good a chance as the next guy.  Well, except for our buddies.  We’ll let them start their ad campaign (complete with logos and signups) a couple of days early.  Just come around on Monday, kid, and don’t forget to send your money.  Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

The Trust Factor

For me the two aren’t the same.  The first example stinks, and I don’t trust the guy anymore.  Simple as that.

The second example is more complex.  This is a company that has never let me down in the past.  Every promise made is a promise kept.  For the small amount of money I have invested in them, the return (ROI) has been significant.  They have done every single thing promised and more.  Plain and simple.  Easy as that.  I’ll stay with them, and even support them, but this doesn’t smell very good to me.  I get that you have to take care of those that take care of you, and a couple days early is a huge advantage to a serious partner(s).  I get it, really I do.  It still doesn’t smell very good, and I am now officially watching….

And on a much brighter note….:)


The Legacy hits folks and TE Racing League have a GREAT new promo called MegaBoost.  Essentially, you surf their sites and you get a surf bonus.  Sign up for all four and you get a 25% bonus for surfing one site, 50% for surfing 2 of the sites (at the same time), 75% bonus for 3 and 100% for surfing all four at the same time.  100%!  Really.

The four sites are:  Legacy Hits, Social AdSurf, Ninja Surf, and TERacingLeague.  All 4 have a high quality surfing experience alone, but 100% bonus for the four is terrific!  Best deal in the market, right now.  Just as a hint (go ahead and ask me how I know), it will pay to have your user id and number ready as you update your profile on all 4 sites.  You user number is the number just behind the equal (=) sign in your affiliate link.  You have to update your profile at all 4 sites, and it is a little bit complex to do.  The reward for your diligence is way worth it!  Enjoy!

I’m just sayin’…….



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