Launch This

Enough Already!  Let it Go!

I grew up in the dawn of the space age.  I remember Sputnik 1, I remember John Glenn, I remember.  I know what a launch is, I even know what a pre launch is.  Start the countdown and GO!  T minus 10…9…8…7…6…5…We have ignition…3…2…1… We have liftoff.  For the absolute most complex missions, the clock was started 10 days early.

Endless Launch Sequence

No one is served by the long sequence launch in our industry except the owner who is trying to make some money.  Now I have no qualms with making money, I like to make a little myself.  What I do object to is the endless hype and hyperbole of a prelaunch.  60 days?  Really?  You need the time to get your script ready?  What?

Please Let Me Pay

Won’t you please let me pay for the opportunity to wait until your product becomes available at some future date?  For something I can’t even SEE yet?  Oh, yeah.  Where do I click!  Do you take PayPal??

A Shining Example

There is a ink service that has been in pre launch for over 6 months.  They are still showing the same squeeze page that they created the first day.  I’ve run out of ink at least three times since they have started their blitz.  I’m glad I’m not waiting on them to print my next project…

And More

New Traffic Exchanges are launching at the rate of one every other day here in 2013.  Are we really that far short of the quota?  Really?  You had better bring the whole deal if you want to succeed with a new TE in this market.  I’m not saying that none will last, or even succeed, but the competition is frantic.  It better be SPECIAL or you don’t have a chance.

New ‘ViralListBuilderMailingListSafeMailerWhatevers’ are nearly as common.  If I am going to put the time and energy into a mailing list, I’m going to want to KNOW that they are going to have a membership that will be responsive and plentiful.  I’m not talking mailing to 300 people every day…

The End

If you are thinking that a Traffic Exchange or a Safe Mailer is your ticket to fame, glory and riches, you better consider the competition.

I’m just sayin’

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