Guaranteed top 5 Ways to Make a Million!

No Truth in Advertising

I read a lot of ads in the course of my day, in the course of every day.  At least one in four promises to make you or me a million dollars.  I’m going to share a secret with you.  Right here, right now.  They are LYING to you…those are bogus ads and NOBODY can promise you a million dollars…except me.  I’m going to give you the top 5 ways to become a millionaire.  Some are the overnight variety, some take more time.

5 sure ways to become a Millionaire

5:  Lottery Tickets.  Buying a lottery ticket always increases your chance of winning, just not by very much.  Still, somebody has to win, it could be you.

4:  Music Skills.  You could be a Rock Star!  Sharpen up your guitar or keyboard and vocal skills, and it’s almost in the bag.

3:  Ball Skills.  Doesn’t matter the size or shape of the ball you pursue, all you have to do is be the very best there is and you, too can be an ‘instant’ millionaire.  Travel, excitement, what more could you want?

2:  Be Attractive.  All you have to do is make it to the beach for the SI swimsuit issue and you pretty much have the first million in the bag.  Good grooming skills are part of this one!

1:  Choose your Parents carefully:  The absolutely top notch way to riches is to pick your family carefully.  There is simply no substitute for old money.

For the Rest of Us…

Probably not going to happen.  What can and does happen is a living, and sometimes a very good living in internet marketing.  I hate to break it to you, Bunky, but it’s not going to be this year and probably not next.  But by developing a plan, and sticking with the plan no matter what, a living can be made.  Once you are making a living, a good living is within your grasp…but you have to start at the start and work up from there.  No shortcuts, no get rich quick.  It takes work and dedication…

For today:

Here’s the deal.  If just one thousand of you would send me $1000, I could break this cycle and become a real, live, overnight millionaire.  Don’t be shy, you could be part of HISTORY!  The very first time!  Pay Pal will work just fine…

I’m just sayin’…

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