The Case for Upgrading

Upgrade or not; That is the question.

At some point every one of us has to consider upgrading at various programs.  I am admittedly tighter than a bull’s butt in fly season, but I am upgraded at several programs.

Why?  Because it makes perfect economic sense, at least to me.  I have limited funds (extremely limited:)), but….

The guys at Legacy hits and at TERL have a graphic that I can see every time I log on that explains it pretty well….If I were upgraded at Legacy I would have 11,000 more credits, at TERL the number is 7600.  That’s a lot of page views!

When and Why Upgrade

Obviously, I surf extensively at both these sites, and they will be the next two that I upgrade at.  I am upgraded at Sweeva, I Love Hits, Start Exchange, ThumbVu, Ninja Surf, and SAS.  With the amount of surfing that I do, being upgraded keeps me in advertising credits that are sufficient for my advertising needs.  The further upside is the commissions.  Anytime one of my referrals upgrades or buys advertising credits I get a commission.  Pretty cool!  In some cases, it’s enough to pay for my upgrade!

Safe Lists and Mailers

I also use Safe Lists extensively.  I am upgraded at several including List Nerds, List Surfing, Adchiever and Elite Safelist.  All these have been productive for me over time, and every upgrade is worth it’s weight in e mail.  The added credits and commissions make these (and several others) a no brainer.  I can email about 10,000 per day, and wish it were more!  Safe lists can be incredibly effective in affiliate advertising!

How and When

I never, ever upgrade on the first offer.  I would rather pay a little more later, after I know that a program works, than to buy into the hype and a non-functional program.  I am an upgraded (annual) member of at least 5 of these, I just won’t do it again.  The money I spent would be way better served in functional, serviceable programs.  I am a slow learner, but I can learn:)

And Further More…

I am also a member in several ‘premium sites’.  I’ll take them one at a time and explain why I am, so that you might make an informed judgement.  Listed in the order that I think they should be upgraded.

CLICK TRACK PROFIT  In my opinion, the very best training on the net, for any amount of money.  The additional training available for an upgraded member is phenomenal.  Cheap at twice the price!

ADKREATOR  I can make professional looking splash pages, squeeze pages, banners and much more!  Not the cheapest brush in the box, but if you are into this business for the long haul, necessary.  No software to buy, and they host the ads, too.  Just a terrific weapon in the aresenal…

TRCK.ME  Ad tracking service, came directly out of old TE Toolbox.  Why do you need tracking?  You probably don’t, right away, but it gives you an easy way to test your ads that you make in AdKreator and use only the ones that work…Very sophisticated software, it is incredibly easy to use.  Easily pays for itself just with the graphics!  Very nice

TRAFFIC WAVE  Autoresponder.  You don’t need this until you start seriously building a referral list, but then it is invaluable.  I chose traffic wave for 3 reasons:  Price, Mail Delivery Rate, and ease of operation.  It seems incredibly complex at first glance, but the training videos make it quite easy.  I can do it, you can too!

And in the End

A very long post, but I hope there is some clarity here.  Thanks for sticking to the very end, I’ll try to be more compact next time…

{ In the interest of full disclosure:  I linked the sites above because I felt that the owners deserved the mention and notoriety.  I used my affiliate link at each one.  I am honest, not stupid}

I’m just sayin’

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