The Olson Line is Broached

Yes, it’s true.  I have recently crossed the infamous ‘Olson Line’ in internet marketing.  What do you mean, you never heard of the Olson Line?  It’s Jon Olson’s baby step of internet marketing, $2.74 per day earned.  Why is that number special?  Makes you (me) a Four Figure Marketer.  That’s $1000 per year in case you are mathematically challenged.  $2.74 per day also puts me in the top 10% of ALL internet earners.  Yes, you read that right, 90% of the people on the internet DO NOT make $1000 per year from their efforts on the net.  WooooHoooo I’m almost a rock star!

Which is why I suspect ALL of the income claims on the internet.  I know a perilous few that are completely honest, like my friend Kathleen VanBeekom.  Her income claims are utterly legit, but she is a rare bird in the internet forest…

The Usual Suspects

I saw a guarantee today as I was reading mail from a safe list that I subscribe to “I guarantee that you will make $1000 per month within a year on this program.  This is the only guarantee of it’s type in the industry….”

Really?  Guaranteed to be in the top 5% of all internet marketers?  Just for signing up to your program?  You don’t mind if I am suspicious, do you?  In fact, don’t take it personally, but I don’t believe you.  Ahh, what the hell.  Go ahead and take it personally, I don’t believe you.

Don’t Bother with Evidence

Don’t bother showing me the evidence of your income claims.  Even I, the techno dweeb of all time, know how to dummy up a PayPal statement.  In fact, every single person that has completed their Certification Steps at Click Track Profit knows how because Justin Ledvina shows us how.  Not so that we may scam others, but so we are not taken in by bogus income claims…

More from the Multitude

So.  The lesson for the day?  Be very skeptical of any income claims on line.  They are probably lying to you…Lesson 1a:  Know that you are buying a program from a person that probably doesn’t make $1000 per year.  Most online marketers earn in hundreds, dream in thousands and advertise in millions.  Sad but true.


I mentioned two separate training videos from Click Track Profit.  If you are not a member, you need to join HERE and NOW.  In my opinion, the best and most honest training available on the web, at any price.  You get a lot from the free training, but if you want both of the lessons I alluded to you will need to be upgraded.  Here’s a hint for the terminally tight:  Join for free, do all the training you can for free, then take the 30 day free upgrade, where you can get the rest…You will probably find that it is worth the upgrade money, anyway.  BTW, the lesson on $2.74 is Upgraded Video #3.  Pretty eye opening.  Can you cross the Olson line???

At Last

I have a guarantee that you can take to the bank.  It has to do with those super obnoxious ‘don’t leave this page’ pop ups that come up after I have clicked off the page.

PERSONAL GUARANTEE:  I Tom Wacker, Internet Marketing Star who is in the top 10% of all internet marketers do here by swear or affirm:  I absolutely guarantee that I will not buy, will not support, will never support any product or service that says this

“Don’t be a wussy.  Stay on this page.”  

I’m just sayin’


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