Let the Trumpet Sound!

Goal Setting 101

Saturday, March 30, 2013, I checked the Alexa numbers for this website.  Tom Wacker dot  com is number 3,914,737 most popular website in the Galaxy.  Un remarkable?  Not in the least.  I had a goal to be in the top 5 million by the end of the first year, January 2014.  Another goal achieved, mark the scorecard and cue the trumpet.  Da dah ta dahhhh!

Why set goals?

Goals in life and business are like a scorecard.  If you are in process towards a goal, you have the ability to measure your progress and see where you are.  If you make measurable progress, you will attain your goals.  Sometimes they are easy, sometimes impossible.  Or seemingly impossible:)

Recent Challenge.

I have recently been challenged by a friend/mentor/idol to set up a 5 year plan (goals play a big part).  5 years?  I do daily, I do monthly, I do quarterly, I do annual.  5 years?  At my age it seems a good practice to not buy green bananas because I might die before they ripen.  A 5 year plan?  Really?

Then again, some visitor from North Dakota might turn left in front of my motorcycle and end my ride today.  Age is just an excuse, just like every other excuse.  At the end of it, they all stink.


How can I possibly set up a 5 year plan?  I’ve never done such a thing at anywhere near that length.

I’ll tell you how I will do it.  I’ll sit down with a yellow legal pad and commence.  I’ll tape pages to the wall, and I’ll throw pages away.  I’ll argue with myself, trying to balance between vision and dreaming.  I’ll do ‘what if’ analysis.  I’ll ask ‘What is the worst thing that can happen?  What is the best thing that can happen?  (I already know I’ll be off there.  I ALWAYS am)  The key secret here is that I will START.  Once I have started a thing I usually pursue it to some sort of conclusion.  It won’t be perfect, it may not be complete, but it will probably happen.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

I have no apparent reasons why Tom Wacker dot com is doing so well.  According to all I know, according to all I have read, according to all I have paid for, I did this place all wrong.  I have not done one iota of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work.  Not one jot.  I don’t use tags, I don’t use meta data, none of it.  I just write, publish and publicize a little.  Go figure…

I have 2 other websites.  One is a motorcycle specific place, I set it up and carefully crafted it to Google specs.  The other is about chronic lower back pain.  I spent months setting up the architecture for SEO.  I carefully crafted every page, and every post.  Tags, meta data, feeds, links everything maximized for Google’s search engine.  By the time I got it up, Google had changed the rules, and my back felt much better.  Lost my motivation and today it sits, alone and pathetic.  I keep it up just to remind me what is important and what isn’t.

At Last, if not Least

I am enormously grateful for the apparent success of this site.  Thank you all.  It’s your fault.

Thank you Jon for the challenge.  I think…

I’ll let you know, 2nd quarter 2018 how the 5 year plan worked out!

I’m just sayin’

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