We have Pointers, and we have Pointers

Listening to our friend Jon Olson discuss the pointers in business, and my mind may have wandered just a bit.  In Jon’s example, the pointers are the people that sit in the stands, never take an at bat, and point out the players flaws.  Hence, the 99% of people in business that never take a chance.  Some of them are quick to criticize the people that do take chances and push the industry ahead.


When I just associate the word, I think of my old German Shorthair, Phoebe.  A phenomenal pointer, the second best hunting dog I ever owned.  She’d set a point on a Pheasant and stay right there until she fell over from lack of food.  She was steadfast and true to her mission and her task.  You might even say she had tremendous FOCUS.


Fatty, on the other hand, was an English Springer, a flusher.  He’d set a quick point then dive in head first and put the bird in the air.  He was a terrific hunter, stayed close, always paid attention to signals and calls, in short, the perfect hunting companion.  He always exhibited wonderful discipline and dedication to the job at hand.

In Human Terms?

Both dogs exhibited admirable business traits.  Phoebe with her intense focus and dogged determination, Fatty with the ability to adapt and pay attention to the larger picture.  What kind of pointer am I?  I’d hope some of both…completely different animals, but both were terrific hunters.  Dedication, discipline, ability to stay the course, focus.  I’ll take whatever percentage of that I can get.

And What’s More…

Neither one of those dogs paid the least attention to spectators or anything else.  Neither one cared the least what anyone thought of their performance but me.  Singleness of purpose.  I can learn much about taking on ‘the slings and arrows’ of the people I do business with and in proximity with.  Not that I am concerned with honest criticism  bring it on!  Any honest critique is welcome here or anywhere I am.  If you are going to talk behind your hand, point and tell me what I am doing wrong, feel free.  Makes no matter to me.

The Point Is

Sorry Jon.  I sorta blew up your wonderful lesson on the action takers and the spectators.  Was not my intent, the point is:  Focus, dedication, singleness of purpose and adaptability are attributes that will carry me a long, long way in this or any business.  I aspire to those things.

Last Words

Many of you have noticed that I have joined EZ Wealth Solutions.  I haven’t exactly kept that under a basket:)  So far, I am completely happy with it.  It is not MLM, it offers really good value products for sale.  Has a tiered payment system that is payed peer to peer, the company takes only a $10 per month fee for materials and services.  So far, so good.  One more aspect that I should mention.  The sponsorship/mentor part of the program is spectacular.  I have learned a lot already…and will write more about that and other aspects soon.

Thanks to my uber efficient proofer:  KCV!

I’m just sayin’


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