Baseball Marketing

In the Big Inning

Internet marketing is essentially a baseball story, and this is about the start of the game.  In the big inning…is aimed squarely at the new people in the business.  Call it baseball marketing if you will...Free download here.

Everybody has to start someplace, and I am going to try to help those that are just getting started get some traction.  I have begun an educational type series of articles aimed at the beginning marketer.

In the Big Inning starts today with an overview of CTP.  I am convinced that is the best ‘new people’ training available on the net today.  I’ll post each installment on Friday and leave it up for a week.  Any comments and suggestions are way more than welcome.  I’m hoping for help, here.

The current plan is to bundle and package a ‘starter series’ for the new folks that come in, as they come in.  Probably will end up as an e mail/Autoresponder series.  That is the current plan:)

Any feedback would be very, very welcome.

On deck is an overview of the Traffic Exchange industry and working theory.  In the hole is Safe Mailers.

Run Scoring Hits

Seth Godin’s blog post for today is one of his all time bests.  An absolute master of the craft, he hit a walk off home run today.  You really ought to consider subscribing.

Jacinta Croagh:  The best source on twitter.  Period.  She gathers and posts the good stuff, many many times a day.  @Croaghie  The best.

Eric Goettman:  Priceless Ad  Probably no more needs to be said here…

Double Play Ground Ball

The party or parties (unnamed) that tried to overwhelm the TEs support systems in response to a single ad that they did not approve of.  Weak.

Those pictures of pretty girls with mouth hanging open and handfuls of $100 bills.  I get it, you have a product that will make me filthy rich.  I have a hard time giving an ad like that any consideration at all…at least find some new pictures, please.

Last out of the Game

I have scheduled my spreecast for weekly.  I never thought I’d hear or say it, but I ran out of constructive things to say.  Join me Saturday, 12:00 noon PDT, 3:00 pm EDT.  I’ll have SOMETHING to say:)

 I’m just sayin’


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