Copyright Infringement


It’s Easy and it’s Cheap

Pretty impressive title, right?  Two words that total 20 letters?

No big deal, if it’s on the web it must be mine to use, right?

Music and Film

Copyright infringement costs the business billions.  Many billions every year.  But it’s just taking a little from the big studios, right?  I mean they’ll never miss it if I just take a song or movie or two…besides, they are big, evil corporations that try to keep entertainment out of the hands of legitimate fans.  Right?

Printed Media

So much stuff is available online, it can’t be a problem with my reading or posting something that someone else has written, can it?  Copyright Infringement just doesn’t hurt a thing here, because it is so available, right?  If one site prints it, another should be able to, right?  It’s just the public flow of information, after all.


All the pretty pictures.  Copyright infringement surely can’t come into play here.  That Gecko is so cute, and looks so good on my website, how can that be a problem?  And the pretty girls, you know they look good wherever I put them.  One little cartoon character on my mail?  What does that hurt?  I mean they look good!

Not So Much

Let’s cut the bullshit.  It’s not copyright infringement, it’s THEFT.  You are stealing something that another put her heart and soul into.  My sweat, your gain?  Really?  You think that’s OK?  You put the cartoon character in your email signature, your are a thief.  You read copyright book for free and it’s theft.  You ‘use’ a song or film from a ‘sharing site’ and it’s theft.  THEFT!  What did your mother tell you about stealing?

Person to Person

Copyright infringement is taking food off MY table.  I am always dumbfounded when one of my photographs shows up somewhere without my name on it.  Here’s the thing:  You like one of my photos?  I will gladly grant permission for you to use them if only you credit me for the photo.  You don’t even have to request permission, just credit it.  That easy.

You want to read my book, but can’t afford the four bucks?  No problem.  Contact me through my website, tell me, I’ll send you an author’s copy for free.  Really.  Be glad to.  Industry estimates are that more people have read my book (and many others) illegally than have purchased it.  Food.  Table.  Mine.

And in the End

You are going to do what you are going to do, I know that.  For crying out loud, please call it what it is.  Theft.  You are stealing from me and countless others, at least have the decency to use the right words.

I’m just sayin’


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