Spam is in the Eye of the Beholder

Expert Commentary

Seth Godin wrote a terrific post on the matter yesterday.  You can read it here.  I’ll wait while you do.

Is it really Necessary?

I get at least 50 spams per day from program owners that want to remind me to come check out their program.  I really don’t need daily (even less, multi daily) reminders that you exist and that you want my visit.  Really.  Almost all go directly to the trash with out opening.  Why?  Because it hasn’t changed significantly from yesterday.  If you want me to notice you, send some fresh content once in a while, not prepackaged every day or more.

I get another 200 or so spams that make it past my spam filters (which grab about 500 per day) from people that have bought my name from a ‘double opt in contact list’.  Yes, I did the double opt in for what ever I wanted to see, but not for yours.  Most of these get the un-subscribe treatment, but my name just keeps being re sold.  Ugh.

It’s more than email

My website is gaining in popularity, and that is a great thing.  But the spam comments are gong way up…10 per day or more, much more than the legitimate comments.  I have one IP that tries it at least 4 times daily.  Had a really creative guy today that posted a link to his blog post.  Hubcap City.  No blog to be found.  Yes, I check every one.  If I don’t know you, and you don’t have a picture, your chances are less than average for leaving a comment on this site.  Don’t take it personal, get with Gravatar and have a picture you can use.

My Part

I send a newsletter type e mail to my contact list about every 10 days.  I try real hard to put some content that will interest people in the piece as well as telling what I’ve been up to and how it’s working out for me…My unsubscribe numbers are very good so far, it must be working….

And in the End

I really like Spam…the product that is made from pork, that is.  The rest, I really dislike.  I promise to try not to be part of the problem…

I’m just sayin’


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