Commission Parable

All Commission Structures are Not Equal

Nervous Times

“And an affiliate asked the master ‘What of commission payments, Master?”

And the Master answered thus

“Some companies are entirely above reproach with their commission payments.  Seek them out to do business with, and you will find happiness.  They pay everyone owed a commission on a routine and regular basis.  These companies consider commissions owed as a liability against their basis and work constantly to keep that ratio low.”

So the affiliate asked “But what of the other companies, Master?  Can we not do business with them?”

After a pause, the Master answered “You must choose carefully in these companies, my son.  If they have no clearly stated commission policy on their website, probably best to leave them alone.  If they have an unreasonable threshold for receiving commission payments, further questioning from you should be followed.  Do they have a separate account where ALL their commissions owed reside?  Do they have oversight on their commission funds?  Do they consider commission payments as simply a part of the general fund?  All of these should be avoided.”

“But Master” the affiliate wailed “some of these companies offer a significantly higher commission rate than the others.  Up to 100% commission rate.  A poor affiliate can make more money on less sales.”

The Master answered very slowly, so as not to confuse the affiliate  “The plum of higher commission rates is often an illusion my son.  Simply an offer made to cause the unsuspecting affiliates to do a volume of work for the company without any intent to pay the commissions.”

“But Master”… the affiliates voice wavered.

“If you are so stinking smart, why don’t you write the book and then you can sit here like a fool answering the same stupid questions day after day? “  The Master sighs…..

I’m just sayin’

And in the End

I had this partially written and was prompted to finish it after listening to friends complaints about getting paid.  So blame Jon and Justin for this

I’m REALLY just sayin’


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