It’s Not Fair

Not now, not Ever

No, it’s not fair.  Nobody  ever said it was going to be fair.  Around here, Fair comes in April, if you start saving your money now, you’ll be sure to have a good time…

Fair is a great concept for sports.  The rules should be fair to both sides with nobody having an advantage before the competition begins.  After the game begins, fairness goes out the window, everyone is seeking maximum advantage all the time.  That’s why there are penalties, to keep the game fair all the time.

Fair Life

Life, though, is not fair.  Someone will always have the advantage on me and I will always have the advantage on someone else.  Many factors play into life, family, education, intelligence, luck.  All these can impact any situation or event, and the distribution of these are not fair.  Sorry to bring this to your attention.

What to Do?

I could sit around all day bellyaching that ‘it’s not fair’.  I tried that for a time in my life, it didn’t take me very far.  In fact, in the overall picture, I lost ground, steadily.

Work.  The great equalizer in any situation or business.  If you outwork the competition at whatever, you can often come out ahead.  It’s NOT fair, but usually, the only way to tip the scales in your advantage is Work.  Hands dirty, back hurts, brain fatigue, work.

In the Long Run

Just plain hard work is no guarantee of success, but it’s not a bad way to bet.  You just can’t overcome some situations no matter what you do, but if you outwork everybody, you will win more than your share.  It’s not fair, but it’s an advantage that we can all use.

And In the End

I’m not going to outwork everybody, I know that.  I will outwork all the lazy one’s and a goodly percentage of the middling people.  That alone will put me in a high enough percentile to win more than my share.  It IS Fair!

I’m just sayin’


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