Big Tom’s Awards

Big Tom’s Coveted Awards

I’ve been at this for a while, and I have an incredible pile of notes on people and products that need to be mentioned.  So this week will be given over to the awarding of the extremely rare BT Awards.  I hope you enjoy!

New People

There are a raft of new people that are having a notable impact on our industry.  The definition of ‘new’ in this case is ‘someone who has been on my radar screen for less than 6 months’.  All of these peeps are showing extraordinary hustle and grit, grinding their way toward making a living online.

Janelle Pineau:  She is on the outside edge of the 6 month qualifier, but the progress she has made in the last 6 months is extraordinary.  She has gone from ‘just another face’ to program (co) owner and more.  I really got to see what Janelle is made of when she suffered a huge setback with her not released program that might have stopped a lesser heart.  She got mad, then she got to work.  Banner Monkey was the result, a wonderful program.

Kathleen Van Beekom:  Kathleen has been around a lot longer than 6 months, but not in the circles that I have traveled.  I started noticing her promotion of EZ Wealth Solution, and then she turned the List Nerds referral competition completely inside out.  She forced a number of the ‘big dogs’ to buckle down and go to work.  A terrific showing.

Bradley Anderson:  Bradley is the newest of the nominees, has been dynamic in CTP chat and in prosecuting his personal brand.  He seems to be tireless and relentless, always there or right nearby.

New Traffic Exchanges

TE Racing League:  Owner Robert Arnold has a unique format and design that works really well.  Actual racing is available, to go with a great surfing experience.

Grapevine Traffic:  Very new, but I think owner Glenn Murray has a winner on his hands.  He is certainly personable enough to make it work.

Just Good Traffic:  Steve Ayling is back in the TE business, and positioned to do big things.  The one I am watching most closely.

Cuppa Traffic:  Russell Stockley has a new TE that is so smooth it doesn’t seem to be new.  Australian import that is making waves.

+1 TE:  From Derek Gibson, if hard work and willingness can carry a traffic exchange, this one will move up!

Best Remade TE

Surfing Socially:  Matt Baker did a complete overhaul of a TE that was only 10 months old.  Clearly raised the bar for everyone.

Ninja Surf:  The Legacy team bought an old TE and have breathed new life into it.  A great remake!

Social Surf for U:  Barry Langdon whipped a tune up on a pretty good TE ‘because it was getting stale’.  Really good stuff!

Best New Mailer

List Viral:  Matt Baker brings out the first TimTech product outside of company walls.  A serious good new mailer, less than one month old.

List Adventure:   Very solid new mailer.  Clean, well designed, easy to use.  All the ingredients to make a winner.

List Nerds:  TimTech.  So successful and well done that it is hard to remember that it is only 3 months old.  Could be the new industry standard in it’s first 6 months.

Best New Product:

Sweeva Tips and Built 4 U:  A joined entry from Sunny Suggs.  Built 4 U is an all in one Website service and Sweeva Tips is everything you want to know and then some about the Sweeva Traffic Exchange.  Sprung on the world about a month apart.  Both are terrific!

Ninja Mailer:  John Bell released his personal Mailer Handler and it works.  Very well.  Gets a ‘You should use this” recommendation from me.  It’s that good.

Nominees in the ‘experienced’ category on Thursday, winners will be announced on my Spreecast at 12n PDT (3:00pm EDT) Saturday, June 1.


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