Big Tom’s Awards 2

Big Tom’s Coveted Awards part 2

I’ve been at this for a while, and I have an incredible pile of notes on people and products that need to mentioned.  So this week will be given over to the awarding of the extremely rare BT Awards.  I hope you enjoy!

 Faces in the Crowd:  TE division

Jon Olson:  For those living under a rock, Jon is the ‘face’ of TimTech.  He is their ‘go to’ Video guy, writes 2 blogs, and hosts TE Live 5 days per week.  Incredibly visible and reachable, he is the ‘everyman’ of the industry.

Eric Goettman:  What to say?  Eric has some of THE most memorable ads anyplace on the internet.  Owner of 3 TEs, Technical innovator, Father, Husband, Good Guy.  Another ‘big wig’ that is very approachable and willing to help anyone.  Is there a trend here?

Marcus Wahl:  As Jon Olson is the face of TimTech, Marcus is the face of Legacy.  Video and more video, high energy and also very willing to be approached and help.  The trend continues.

John Bell:  Owner of multiple TEs and other programs, John is another one of the very good guys.  Quick sense of humor, keeps strange hours, my kind of guy.  His programs are noted for how well they work.  Another available guy.

Faces in the Crowd:  Open Division

Marian Gurowicz

An extraordinary blend of video and spreecast combined with good, solid advertising keeps Marian squarely in the public eye.  Just smooth and accomplished.

Nick Grimshawe

Yes, the guy in the orange sweater.  Nick has been building and improving his brand and exposure almost by the day.  His beginner series is probably the best of several new entries in the genre, mine included.

Patrick Griffin

Patrick is just around.  All the time.  An extraordinary writer, he shows up on twitter, Facebook, in the odd Newsletter, CTP chat, wherever.  A presence.

Traffic Exchanges:

This is a tough category for me to choose nominees, let alone a winner.  Remember this list is entirely subjective, and tell me my mistakes in the comments!

Team Division:  One entry per Team

Top Hits 4 U:  Eric Goettman

Legacy Hits:  Legacy Team (Ken Locatelli, Rodney Hage, Marcus Wahl)

Traffic Swirl:  John Bell

Sweeva:  TimTech (Justin Ledvina, Jon Olson, Tim Linden)

Solo Division

Surf Skeleton:  William Miller

Top Flight Traffic:  Randy Ritter

Social Surf for U:  Barry Langdon

Surfing Socially:  Matt Baker

Best Mailer:

Again, this is my list, and entirely subjective.  Use the comments to point out my obvious mistakes.

Mr. Safelist:  Jerry Ianucci

Adchiever:  Darren Olander

List Nerds:  TimTech

List Magnet:  Stephan Berg

Best Related Product:

Click Track Profit:  Tim Tech

AdKreator:  Barbara DelGiudice

Track Me:  Tim Tech

Make my Splash:  Rhonda Pizor

Banner Monkey:  Janelle Pineau and William Miller

Well, there are the nominees!  I will announce the winners on my Spreecast  12:00n PDT 3:00 pm EDT Saturday, June 1, and publish the winners shortly after.

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