Parts and Particles

Parts and Particles of Posts

This is going to be sort of a fragmented post, I fear.  I have parts and particles swarming my head, and I have to sweep them out to make room for the other stuff.

Part A:

My partner, my friend, my I can say whatever is on my mind friend, Sunny Suggs wrote a very nice piece about me in her blog today.  Wonderful, right?  Well, I don’t take direct and public praise very well…never have.  So I don’t know quite how to respond to it.  In fact, I have no idea.  I was really hoping that writing this would give me the answer that I seek.  I guess I could just mumble Thank You and let it go at that…Doesn’t seem adequate.

Part B:  Insert into part A

The TimTech Epic Badge Hunt goes well, as does our website/blog that is dedicated to the hunt.  It has been a real treat for me to watch Sunny do her thing, and do it fast.  I had no clue just how capable she is.  I’m am essentially a plodder.  I just keep slugging along until I get to the end, while Sunny can make really cool stuff happen really quick.  Pretty good ham and eggs combination, I think.  It’s sure been good for me.

Particle 1

Seth Godin published his 5000th blog post yesterday.  I don’t know if you have any concept of how difficult that number would be to obtain, but I do.  If I keep going on my present schedule, I would get to that number sometime in 2028.  It’s not happening.

Particle 2:  Looks like particle 1

I tried to articulate how much I like Mr. Godin’s writing and why.  There are several reasons, but the biggest for me is that he makes me think.  Everyday.  Every single day.  Even on a day when he is not right at the pinnacle of his craft he is still mighty good.  And a threat to take it out of the park daily, and back to back to back to…

So I suggest Seth Godin’s blog in the highest possible terms.  It’s a daily asset, no matter what business you are in…I sit here wishing I could make it sound better, to really express how I feel.  But it’s like trying to describe an Opera to a completely deaf person.  I just can’t do it justice.

And in the End

If you stuck with me all the way to the end, Thank You.  I don’t think this is a particularly good bit of writing, but it was what I had to write to get to the good stuff underneath.

I’m just sayin’


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