That’s Remarkable

Remarkable is what you make it

I just got a Facebook notification that my friend Ara Gureghian is having a birthday this week.  Nothing remarkable in that, right?  I think he’s 64.  Two years older than I am.

Well, let me tell you a little about friend Ara and Spirit, his doggie.  They don’t own a house.  They don’t own a car.  They travel about the US in a vintage BMW motorcycle with a side car (where Spirit rides).  Have been doing so for a number of years now, at least 8.  Warmed by the sun and washed by the rain.  That’s remarkable, right?

Well, pretty remarkable, I admit.  But that isn’t the rest of the story…

The Vagabond Lifestyle

Ara isn’t a rich man (at least not money rich, he is wealthy beyond all counting in some ways).  He came to a crisis point in his life some years ago, and decided he needed to go see.  He quit his job as an executive chef, went to the pound and found Spirit, bought the Beemer and headed out.  And stayed out.  That’s remarkable.

Well, but wait.  After a time the money that he’d had from the sale of his house was running low, so he decided to sell some photographs that he’d taken on the ride.  To who?  And how?  So he fired up his laptop, and started marketing his photographs.  He became an internet marketer, because he had to.  And he learned how to market his photos and himself.  By himself, while living in a tent.

Diversification is Key

Also turns out he could cook a little.  (Remember the executive chef part above??)  And it occurred to him that maybe others would like to know some of the secrets he had learned over the years for cooking without refrigeration.  Sold a few recipes and cookbooks, too.  Remarkable.

The last time I saw Ara was at a huge off road production where he was giving classes on how to cook and survive without refrigeration.  For pay.  Honda provided him with a 4×4 and a trailer to haul the bike.  He uses it today when he has to go to a show or other sponsored event.

He’s done all this by branding himself, and being himself.  He learned internet marketing to the extreme, and all of this done while living in a tent on the road.  Always the road.

What holds YOU back?

So what was it you were saying that is holding you back?  Lack of money?  House is too noisy?  Dog needs to be walked?  What?

Just do it like you needed to do it.  That’s remarkable.

I’m just sayin’

Want to know more about one of the coolest people that I have ever met?  Ara’s website is:  It’s spectacular.  The posts and photographs are first rate!


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