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“There is no Right way to do the Wrong Thing.”  Calvin Coolidge

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If you follow along with this blog, you know about my recent moral dilemma with a program that doesn’t work as advertised, and the fact that a friend brought it to me and promoted it heavily at the start.  I didn’t (don’t) want to cause my friend any grief, but today, I am going to do what I probably should have done some time ago.  Throw the program squarely and purposely under the bus.  I have rewritten this several times, we’ll see how it goes.

Traffic Browser Blows

The program in question is Traffic Browser from David Easton.  Now I’m not saying that the idea isn’t great, it is.  Tab management when surfing is a terrific idea.  I’m not even saying that it hasn’t worked for me a time or two in the 23 days it has been out.  At least it worked a time or two for a couple of hundred pages at a time, before it needed to be reset.

I AM saying that Traffic Browser doesn’t work as advertised, and isn’t ready for prime time.  I could take that, I have worked with others on products that weren’t entirely polished.  In fact, I think it is generally a good idea to put a product out and patch the leaks in the product on the go.  Most people will stick with you and even help you, if you have good product support.  There’s the rub.

Product Support

So, this is really about product support and public relations, and at this aspect Traffic Browser really sucks.  Just for starters, there is no way to send a support ticket.  I’m sure that simple fact cuts down on support needs, but really…I have tried at least 6 times to send a support ticket, there is no send button.  I have loaded screenshots, and explained my problems to the very best of my ability, but can’t get it sent.

Contact Form

I did discover that if you log into the homepage (not the browser, mine is completely useless and non functional) before you actually click the button to log in, there is a contact form, with a send button.  I know it sends, but have no idea if it works because I have never been acknowledged or answered in any way.  But at least it pretends to send, where the support ticket doesn’t even do that.

What it Needs

It needs the human touch.  I’m sure David has his hands full, and is trying to the best of his ability.  He has had at least 4 updates since the 1st of July (my browser has been TU since the July 11 update) two in the last two days.  No love for me.

It needs to have somebody answer EVERY complaint and problem.  EVERY time.  Let the customer know that somebody cares and is working on the problem.  If I had any glimmer of hope that my problems were being dealt with, I’d still be in his corner.  I would volunteer to help if I had any way to get hold of the owner.

Here is the REAL Rub

Most programs that are junk are really easy for me to discard.  Not so with Traffic Browser.  It’s a terrific idea, and when the thing works, it makes surfing fun again.  Lets me look at and study and click ads that I wish, and quickly dispose of those that have no interest to me.  It’s great that way.  I REALLY like that freedom.

So, I’m not going to do what I would normally do.  I’m going to keep the browser on my computer, try the updates as they come out, and see if David gets it fixed.  I’m not upgraded, and certainly won’t until this product is thoroughly tested by me.  I would have upgraded by now if it worked…

And in the End

I’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes on the Traffic Browser front.  If the miracle happens and everything turns to candy and rainbows, I’ll let you know…

I’m just sayin’


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