Rocket Responder Rides!!

Rocket Responder Banner

New AND Hot

Well, unless you have been stationed under a rock, you should know by now that TimTech has released Rocket Responder, their new autoresponder to the general public. Why would that make any difference to you??  Let’s see.

If we are going to make it at all in this business, sooner or later we are going to need an autoresponder.  I would say it is the single most important tool in your list building arsenal because it not only will help build your list, it is indispensable for MAINTAINING AND CULTIVATING your list.  Getting people to sign up is relatively easy, the very top of the funnel.  Leading them to the promised land of becoming a paying customer is the goal.

Why Rocket Responder??

There are only about a thousand autoresponders that you can use, ranging from free (those probably COST you money) to very pricey indeed.  What makes Rocket Responder stand out from the crowd?  I’ll tell you.

1:  Simple.  RR is, no doubt the easiest autoresponder to use on the market today.  A happy accident?  Not at all.  TimTech designed it that way from the very first day, it has always been the leading design consideration.

2:  Powerful.  TimTech is in this for the long haul, and as such, bought the most powerful mail delivery software known to man.  This is the stuff the big boys use because it WORKS.  Your mail will get delivered with stunning regularity.

3:  Price.  TimTech seems to have declared war on the whole industry, providing a full function autoresponder at the shortest price in the business.  This is what AR pricing SHOULD be like.

4:  Friendly.  Rocket Responder has been crowdsourced from the very beginning.  I was fortunate enough to be a beta tester, and I know the sort of response Tim Linden has had to various suggestions.  A lot of the integration and service of RR has come about from listening to the users.

5:  Support.  RR, being from TimTech, comes with the legendary customer service that the company brings to the table.  Company mantra is “It’s a lot easier to keep a customer than to find a new one.”  Not many companies on that page, today.

How to use Rocket Responder.

Any way you want.  As a classic ‘respond to a sign up’ it is smooth, easy and fast.  Really fast.  Scheduled news and information?  Yep.  Newsletter to your list (s)?  Absolutely!  Sales letters?  You bet.  Any way you can use ANY autoresponder you can use RR.

Get an Edge with RR

I’ll be doing a 20 week ‘tips, tricks and look what I found’ newsletter based through my list.  If you have signed up through CTP Manifesto, you are all set to go.  If not, just click that link and you can join right in, plus you get a free copy of the Manifesto.

And in the End

I don’t normally get this excited about a new product.  I have had my hands on RR for a while, and I’m giving you my word that it is GREAT not good.

I’m just sayin’

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What is THE Worst Thing?

A laptop erupts
That’s going to leave a mark.

When The Worst Happens

Every now and again the sauce rolls downhill and things go wrong.  I’m an just right in the middle of a broken computer and am here to tell you that there are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to minimize the impact of such things.


You know this right??  The worst is that you lose everything on your primary drive.  I mean, your computer is all backed up and current, right?  it’s not like there aren’t a gozillion ways to back your stuff up, from commercial cloud based systems that automatically back you up every so many hours to external drives that are specifically made for the purpose.  That’s the system I use, and it’s effectiveness is still theoretical.  I’ll surely have an update on this…

2:  Passwords

I know I do better with my passwords than most. The worst case is that I have to reset/renew every one.  What A PIA. I am probably in the top 1% for password handling, and I am having a heck of a time.  I’ve had to reset half a dozen so far today…and this could be WAY worse.  Just a little word to the wise, update your password hard copy.

3:  Bookmarks

I score complete fail on this one.  Epic badass stupid.  The very worst may have happened here with me.   I don’t know about you, but I use the bookmarks a lot, and rely on them a lot, and, well, I’m pretty well lost in several areas.  Jeeze, I wanted to go read my blog list, and I simply can’t get to some, because I don’t have backup (paper or DVR) so I can even find things.  I have some really priceless stuff that I would really hate to lose, really.  If I get it all back (and I think I will) I guarantee you I’ll make this happen soonest.

What to Do??

Think about it.  While you do what ever it is online today, think about what you would need if you had to go to a public computer tomorrow.  Bookmarks?  A paper copy of the 50 or so that I use routinely would be priceless to me right now.  Passwords?  Every one that you have and know will save you 10 minutes of wasted time to re set.  Backups?  Ohhhh, I had a wailing and gnashing of teeth the last time this happened.  That is what caused the as yet untested Seagate unit to appear at my house.  I’m sure it will work, whether I end up repairing the old faithful or going to a new standard.

And in the End

Typically, I am a couple of days ahead of the process on my blog, and am easily ready to publish on schedule.  This post represents a ‘made from scratch’ day of post.  At least I had an available subject.  Ugly though that may be.  It is really good to be back.

I’m just sayin’


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Chat Protocol

First things First

New subscription form over here to the right=====>>>>>

If you have subscribed in the past, I’d like to ask you to do so again, new autoresponder and I wasn’t able to make the list transfer.  Sorry about the inconvenience.  If you haven’t signed up, right now would be a good time:)

Chat Protocol Revisited

two women chatting in a cafe

This has been coming for some time, but it is just getting uglier and uglier.  No matter what TE website you go to, if it’s got an active chat, it will have people in it promoting their own TEs and programs with shameless frequency.

It really bothers me to go into CTP chat and run into 3 or 4 TE owners sitting there directing traffic and conducting business right there.  They are bullyragging the chat, and just seem to have no conscience at all.  What bothers me the worst?  They aren’t even upgraded in the program that they are using as their sales vehicle.  Free members whoring upgrades at other TEs.  Brutal.  Selling what they don’t buy.  Not much more dishonest than that.

Chat Uses and Abuses

Chat is a really good way to get to know new people.  Just about none finer in TE land.  It is a great place to kibbutz and for newcomers to ask questions.  It’s a wonderful way to strike up a casual friendship or catch up with another friend.  Maybe swap stories and lies:)  It’s the equivalent of the Pickle Barrel in the old General Store, a place for folks to gather.

I am seeing a distressing trend toward people that are hanging around chat areas just waiting for a person to ask a question so that they may PM them and pitch them senseless.  Join this, get that, buy here.  A few people are treating major chat areas like a windblown $10 dollar bill.  Just let me get my hands on that….

Chat as a Support room\

Another thing that really gags me is the complaining about problems in chat.  All TEs (even the ones owned by the guys above) have a support mechanism in place.  If you have a problem, fill out a support ticket and give the owner/administrator a chance to make it right.  What’s even worse??  Bellyaching about a problem at a TE that you aren’t chatting in.  What good can that possibly be??

And in the End

Chat is a great part of our industry.  Most all of us use it as it was intended.  Here’s hoping that your next chat experience is pleasant and fulfilling.

I’m just sayin’


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Know Like and Trust

Do as I Say

Painting:  Two boys and a girl make music.
Making Music!

Nah, I’m not into giving orders, but I am into telling you some of the things I do, and a few from other successful TE marketers!  There are certain things that are just patently obvious to me that seem to be real hard for people in general to do.  I’m going to list some, and try to explain my reason(s) why.

Can’t you See

Yep, Marshall Tucker Band.  “Can’t you see, Ohhh can’t you see…?”

Show yourself to the world.  Have an avatar (the little picture on many posts), and make it be of you.  Let people know what you look like!  Don’t hide behind a kitty or a car or even a 15 year old picture of you.  And STICK WITH IT.  As you become more familiar to more people, more people will start to know, like and trust you.  As people know, like and trust you they open their wallet.  That easy.


Rolling Stones….”splattered all over Manhattan”.

Pick a product and stick with it.  Nobody, not anybody, can promote 27 things at once.  In the beginning it really doesn’t matter the product (so long as it is reputable and good), you are just trying to drive traffic to YOU.  You want people to get to know, like and trust you. As they do, they will open their wallet, or at least divest themselves of a little of their precious time.  Do we see a trend beginning here?

Thank You

Sly and the Family Stone….”I want to thank you for lettin’ me be mice elf again…”

Say ‘Thank You’.  Just like what your Momma told you.  When somebody compliments you, when somebody comments, offers you constructive criticism, or gives you something, say Thank You.  When you do, people get to know, like and trust you.  When people know, like and trust you, they begin to open their wallets.  Trend established!

Talk Too Much

George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers….”Yakkity Yakkity Yak you talk too much…”

Nonsense.  No such thing as talking too much in this business.  Comments in chat, comments on profiles, comments on Sweeva, talk to people.  Be friendly, offer help (and give it!!), give sympathy.  Every chance you get.  As you expose yourself to individuals, people get to know, like and trust you.

I Can See For Miles

The Who….”I can see for miles and miles…..”

Video and spreecast are your friends.  Video for advertising, Spreecast for getting yourself out in the public eye.  Both let people see the real you and when people see the real you they begin to know, like and trust you.  I never have over 3 or 4 in my weekly Spreecast, but I always have 50-75 views of the recording!  People really can see for miles!

And in the End

The Beatles….”and in the end…”                                                                                   Thanks for putting up with my musical nonsense.  The rest isn’t nonsense, it is real live stuff that you can do every single day.  It will help your cause, I guarantee!

I’m just sayin’

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PTC Information??

What’s Going On?

Question Mark with a puzzled Figure
What’s Going On?

I’m a desperately trying to do research to improve my knowledge in the PTC world, and it is somewhat hard to find.  For instance, I Googled “Pay to Click Blogs”  Almost 600,000,000 hits, I’m thinking I hit the jackpot.  #1 at Google is a blog that posted 3 times in May 2011.  #2 (after two SEO sites that didn’t relate) was published 6 times in January and February 2012.  That one actually had some information that was serviceable (yes I read it).  #3 was a post from a blog that was nothing more than a Banner Advertising Site.  #4 is a post from “Profit List dot com” that is the most current on the first page at January 2013.  #5 is from February 2011.

That’s the top 5 Google sites out of six hundred million hits.  Depressing.  I would commit felonious acts to have my blog rate in the first 5 pages of TE blogs.

What’s the Answer?

Somebody ought to have a serviceable blog that specializes in Pay to Click.  The even more obvious answer is that I ought to do it.

Here’s the problem with that.  I am not all that passionate about the PTC industry. Interested, sure.  Looking to know more, without doubt.  Passionate?  Not so much.  I think there is some money to be made, and a blog that could attract lots of readers and subscribers for the right person.  I don’t think it’s me.

You see, writing consistently takes passion and interest and desire.  Trust me on this. I love what I am doing, and I love doing this weekly PTC series.  I don’t think I’m capable of taking this to the next level.

Wear your Raincoat

If, like me, you are doing research into PTC and the whole ‘Pay To ‘ world, know that there are some bad people at the fringes of this business.  Please have your Anti-Virus and Firewall current, and use some form of malware detection.  Not that you shouldn’t anyway, but I was pushing out from center last week and really got clobbered.  For the record, I use AVG antivirus, Zone Alarm Firewall, and Spybot Search and Destroy.  They worked, and as designed, I can’t say enough about them except to tell you that they are donation only sites, Pay what you think they are worth.

There is a faction out there called ‘SEM’ search engine marketing.  Strictly black hat stuff, I was trying to find some success to look at, and picked up a whole load of bad stuff.  I guess it makes sense in a way.  If they are unprincipled enough to engage in SEM, then packing you full of malware isn’t much of a stretch.  I strongly recommend that if you come on to SEM in any flavor that you not only pass, but run!

And in the End

There is money to be made in the PTC world, particularly in the legitimate, thriving PTCs.  Both for advertisers and surfers/hustlers (said in the best sense of the word, one who hustles to make things happen) .  A little routine care and caution can keep you from a lot of misery.

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The WAY it Works

The Way it Works

3 battered stock cars on a dirt track
Racers racing

In all the ebb and flow of life and business and passion, there are some things that are common, that are the anchors of what ever endeavor you are involved in.  It is the way it works.

Lets say you want to be a racer.  You read the rulebook, buy or build a car, take it to the track, and make it go fast.  Does that make you a racer?  No.  You take it back to the track and make it go fast.  You take it back to the track, and make it go fast.  Maybe you win a heat race or a trophy.  Does that make you a racer?  No.  You get to be a racer by competing fairly and to the best of your ability over the course of time.  Owning a car and saying you are a racer doesn’t get it done.  You get to be a racer over the course of racing, and proving up to your peers.  That’s the way it works.

Be a Writer

I aspire to be a writer, or more correctly, I aspire to be known as a writer.  I know some writers, and I admire them and their work.  I am not a writer, I am a person that puts words on a page in the hope that some will read those words and a few will think I have put the correct words in the correct order.  After a time of doing this with regularity and passion, I may (or may not) become known as a writer.  If I live long enough, work consistently at my craft, and expose my work to any and all scrutiny, maybe.  That IS the way it works.

Be what You Want to Be

The internet and the industry surrounding it is still very young and absolutely loaded with the opportunity to be what you want to be.  The way it works is this:  Pick a subject that you love, learn everything you can about it.  Read about it, think about it, read some more.  Learn everything you can about it, then do it.  Offer your services to others that need them (if you are interested, if you are dedicated, it is going to be very easy to find people in need of what you love).  Show off what you have done, and when you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.  You will make mistakes, everybody does.  Gradually, slowly, you will find that your reputation is growing and the demand for your services (and the money you make) will grow with the demand.  It takes time and consistent effort to move up.  That is the way it WORKS.

Not the Way it Works

There is no shortcut, there is no wormhole.  Doing, showing, improving, building your reputation is the only way.  The ONLY way.

You can not improve your position by attacking those above you.  All that will get for you is some pissed off people that may have been your clients in the future.

You can not become a thing by simply promoting yourself and the thing you wish to be.  No matter how many ad views, no matter how many tweets, no matter how many inches of facebook, you can not promote yourself into a position.  Hard work and a body of work are the only way.

The ONLY way it Works

Learn.  Do.  Learn more.  Do more.  Develop a body of work that you are proud to show to the world.  Do it again, and again and again.  Become what you want to be, and let the court of public opinion judge you on your merits.  If you fail (and most do), get back up and try it again.  That is the way it works.  Michelangelo did not begin his career on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Really.

And in the End

This post is personal.  Normally I try to write to a specific reader who would represent the people that I would write for.  This post is in direct response to an individual that is trying to short circuit the process, and worse.  This person has attacked others that I consider friends in public.  I simply can not abide that.  I don’t have all that many friends, and when one (or more) are attacked, I will rise to the defense.  It is how I am.

I’m just sayin’

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Printed Notecard
Worth Mentioning

There are some things going on all the time in the TE Universe, and I am notorious for making a note of things that I want to mention.  The note pile on my desk has attained ‘prodigious’ status, so some of these are ‘not so fresh’ as others.  I don’t think anything is past the ‘best used by’ date, but some could be close.  Please smell carefully before consuming.

CTP hits 80k

Is it possible to call a 3+ year old program venerable??  I think in this case it is perfect.  Click Track Profit from TimTech is the absolute best training in TE land, and they just signed their 80,000th member on Thursday,  August 8th.  Congratulations are in order, for the milestone and for the website.  What a great deal, all the way around.

Force Hits Makeover

Mike Allen, intergalactic owner/administrator of Force Hits has made some very mentionable changes.  A complete facelift, as a matter of fact.  It is quick and smooth, gets great traffic and results, and is a joy to surf.  Mike is one of the truly good guys in this industry, and Force Hits should be on your ‘surf list’.  It’s on mine.

All of my Links

Sunny Suggs commissioned Jay Hines to build this site for her several years ago, and it is just dynamite.  All of my Links IS NOT a free service, but is very reasonably priced particularly when you consider what it can do.  It is the hanger for all the links that I want to keep track of, saving me acres of space and time.  It’s easy to use, she has a big list of products that are ez entry and it’s easy to enter whatever you want.  Log in link, support link, referral link ALL IN ONE PLACE.  It’s fast, sorts alphabetically and has a search feature.  You owe it to yourself to at least go look.

Brisk Surf

Every now and again something comes along that is so fresh, so new, so different, that it becomes mentionable.  Daniel Heyman has created a TE from the ground up.  No cookie cutter script, it’s a full custom job.  This site is slick and smooth and beautiful.  The primary color reminds me of a ‘59 Chrysler Imperial that I once owned!  Daniel is a dedicated owner, very approachable and reachable, will listen and consider what his members have to say.  Brisk Surf is like a breath of fresh air.  Absolutely unique!

 Rocket Responder

The uber secret TimTech autoresponder has a name and a launch date.  I have had the privilege of poking and prodding (but not actually using) it, and it looks terrific.  Simple, straightforward and easy to understand are the TimTech way, and obviously will be part of RR.  The launch will be in stages, the first stage is for 500 users only.  That list is certainly filled by the time you read this, but the general launch will be in the next 2-3 weeks.  Watch for it, it should be EPIC.

 TE Browser:

I threw this program under the bus a couple of weeks ago, but I REALLY like the idea, and the small bursts where it worked as advertised I liked it when I tested it.  Currently, every time I try to open it I get ‘updates required’.  When I try to update, it ends up in a loop because of a coding error.  Been this way for over a week, support is obviously still an issue.  This product is not ready for prime time.  I really do hope that one day this product gets to be mentionable for a positive reason(s).

 And in the End

That took 4 or 5 pieces out of my note pile.  Guess I need to do some prioritizing and deleting before my printer disappears completely…

I’m just sayin’

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Twitter Decorum

Decorum and Polite Behavior

Decorum says
Marketing meets Twitter

I’m going to start this column with a question of my enlightened readers.  Just because, we the public, has allowed a thing to become the norm, does that make it correct?  I will argue that it doesn’t.  My point is, just because we have allowed Twitter to become an all out ‘push marketing’ machine does not make it correct.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Twitter Decorum

I am a creature of habit, I usually start my day within minutes of the same time every day.  No surprise then, when I see the exact same identical tweets from the exact same identical people that I saw yesterday and the day before and the day before and the week before and the month before and….

How ‘bout a rule?  If you don’t actually type the tweet, don’t send it.  The pitch marketing at Twitter is simply out of control anyway, this could go a long way towards reeling it in.  If you didn’t type it RIGHT NOW, don’t send it.

Twitter Two

HTML tags don’t translate well to Twitter.  I know it’s a big secret, but there it is.  So please take a little time on your tweet to make sure it doesn’t come out like this:  Big$&’ni&s Bananna#$’%&s are simply the Best!.  Takes you 7 seconds to make it come out right. Don’t tell me you are too busy, you either are too stupid to fix it, or more likely, too lazy.

Twitter Three

There is a certain decorum to getting your CTP mastery certificate at twitter.  It involves not getting it all in one day, or even one week.  Please don’t post 1000 tweets in a day,  Please.  Slow and steady wins the race at CTP, plan it out over the course of a couple of weeks, and make it 2 or 3 sessions per day so I don’t have to look at 100 consecutive tweets, broken by one timed marketer followed by another 100 consecutive tweets.  Pretty Please??

I am a CTP twitter master, and I certainly understand the desire to work those steps in a rush.  The problem is, done too much at a time, it has the look and feel and smell of spam, which can cost you followers that you are going to want to have later in the process.

And in the End

This post didn’t follow it’s notes much better than the last one.  It didn’t start out as a pure twitter column, it just became that.

What are your favorite ‘decorum breeches’ at Twitter?  I’d love to hear them, use the comments section below, if you like.

Tweet, tweet.

I’m just sayin’

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Finding a Solid PTC

Solid PTCs

cursor hand ready to click on earth grid
Click On World

I have been doing a lot of research into the PTC industry, and have found an amazing trail of dead and dying websites.  There are obvious exceptions, but the history in the industry is not at all good.  It’s just no wonder that the trust level in the industry is low.  Every single veteran of the business that I have talked to has a horror story in their past.  Every one.  So the idea, the secret is to find a solid PTC from the welter that is available.  How are you going to do that?  Glad you asked.

How to Choose

Last weeks post, The PTC Learning Curve highlighted a current rating site, PTC Central that can give you solid information about what is happening right now.  In my research, I have found several others that are no longer publishing.  One that last updated in 2008.

Finding Solid PTCs

Let’s face it, if you are going to spend the time, effort and money to be successful in the PTC business, you want a good chance that you will be paid in a timely manner.  Or at all, for that matter.  How do you know?

Go with the Big Dogs

The easy and obvious way to find a solid PTC is to go with well established sites.  The possibility for large gain is lessened, but the pay is regular and full.  Where to find a PTC that is new and growing fast where the possibility is great?  That’s the $64 question.

I just saw an ad this morning for a brand new PTC, only 131 members so far.  Is the possibility there to maximize your earnings?  Absolutely.  Is the possibility there for the place to go away before the first payment is made?  Absolutely.

Clues to a Solid PTC

In the case of the ad above, I poked and prodded around a little.  It is a German language site, and the graphics and design aren’t particularly well done.  The ‘non professional’ design is a huge clue to me that the owner launched on a shoestring.  Never good.  I did not sign up for the site, but I couldn’t find anything about the owner, either.  Another clue.  I believe I will stay away from this one, but I will watch to see if they start well, yet another clue.

A Solid, New PTC Today?

Easy answer:  Nerdbux, from TimTech.   This site is less than 2 months old, is growing like crazy, and is backed by TimTech, who has deep enough pockets to withstand the needs of a new PTC.  They hit 50,000 members on Tuesday (the 6th), the growth rate lends itself to making money in the referral side of things.  Growth is crazy big, but also very stable.  1000 new members per day, no big ‘ups’, no big ‘downs’.  It looks to me like the advertising in Nerdbux  is completely sold to people outside TimTech, which further lends credibility to the site.  What can it hurt, really??

And in the End

Everybody wants to make money.  That IS the idea, right?  Looks to me like Nerdbux is your current best chance to do so yourself.

I’m just sayin’

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Blogs and Bloggers

Blogs and Bloggers of Note

Type set letters 'blog'

This started out as an entirely different piece than you are seeing here.  All I really wanted to do was mention one blog that I read, and this took control.  This first list is one that not everybody follows, that not everybody knows.  If you aren’t reading these, you are missing out.

Serge Cote:  From Mage Mind  Serge posts nearly every day (that’s 7 per week) and it is always good, unique and interesting.  I just can’t say enough good words about this blog!

Lynn M:  Lynn M dot Net  I actually know Lynn’s last name, just not sure of the spelling:)  Lynn posts regularly, and always good content.  Especially fun is the ‘Throwback Tuesday or Thursday’ feature that takes us back to the early days at TE Live.  Cleverly posted on Tuesday or Thursday.  It’s not rocket surgery it’s cake.

Sunny Suggs:  My Page  Sunny doesn’t write enough in my opinion, but when she does, it’s very much worth the read.

Janelle Pineau:  Awake at the Wheel  Another talented writer that doesn’t write enough.  In fact, Janelle seems at her best when she is angry, so if you all could take turns pissing her off a couple times a week, I think we’d see more of her…

Andrew Stark:  AndrewStark dot com  Andrew has a day job and a family, has been a little slow posting this summer himself.  But at least he explained why in a post…

Scott Wright:  The Sports Nerd  Scott is a good writer, sometimes it’s sports, sometimes it’s life and business.  He’s a little sporadic, but it’s good enough to keep checking on…

Geri Gestner:  Geri’s Thoughts  Geri sees things a little differently than I do, I love to read her blog for a fresh perspective on things.  She does a good job with KISS.

Herbert Schnepp:  Earn Money Online  Herbie is an Austrian living in Thailand.  He has terrific ‘entry level’ tutorials for CTP and Gravatar among many other subjects.  Just terrific.

Sergio Felix:  Marketing with Sergio  High energy, rapid fire, pay attention!  I love it.  Sergio does a lot of video blogs, his energy is just stunning.  Good, good stuff.

Bud Fields:  The Success Blog  Bud is a terrific writer, outside the blog arena, and it carries over real well.  Often moral topics appear here.

This part of the list is a lot better known.  Most of these could go without mentioning, as their readership is large.  I can’t let them go without comment, because I read them religiously.

Jon Olson:  Most everybody reads HEN (Hit Exchange News), but do you also read The Jon Olson Project??  Jon’s been blogging since the Ark was floating.

Justin Ledvina:  Justin Ledvina  Really good topics and writing.  Sporadic entry, but I hear he has some hack writing for him now…

Tim Linden:  Tim Linden Blog  There is a reason Tim has over 10,000 followers.  This is it.

Jerry Ianucci:  Get Rich with Jerry  He has a unique rating system for safelist mailers that he publishes monthly.  Plus he sneaks some other good stuff in from time to time.

Eric Goetmann:  Top Hits 4 U blog  One of the most innovative guys in the TE industry, some are written, some are video, all are good.

Patrick Griffin:  Patrick Griffin on line  Sadly, Patrick doesn’t post much anymore, life has intruded on his blogging.  I included it on this list because when he does post it’s always great!

Copy Blogger:  Copy Blogger  Bryan Clark is an acknowledged master of the trade, the staff writers at CB are terrific, but for my money, Sonia  Simone is one of the best writers on earth, in any genre.  Yep, that good.  Every day, just like my vitamin.

Seth Godin:  This is Seth’s Blog  The KING.  Seth Godin is another of the best writers on earth, in any genre.  Books, articles, talks and his blog.  Publishes more than once per day, he recently posted his 5000th blog post.  That is serious!  If you only have time for one, this is it.

And in the End

As I said at the top, this column didn’t start out to be a blogroll.  But once I started, I couldn’t quit, so here it is.

I’m sure I forgot some (in fact, I just inserted another:)).  Please use the comments section here to let me know who you read regularly.  I want to read them too!

I’m just sayin’

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