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Solid PTCs

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I have been doing a lot of research into the PTC industry, and have found an amazing trail of dead and dying websites.  There are obvious exceptions, but the history in the industry is not at all good.  It’s just no wonder that the trust level in the industry is low.  Every single veteran of the business that I have talked to has a horror story in their past.  Every one.  So the idea, the secret is to find a solid PTC from the welter that is available.  How are you going to do that?  Glad you asked.

How to Choose

Last weeks post, The PTC Learning Curve highlighted a current rating site, PTC Central that can give you solid information about what is happening right now.  In my research, I have found several others that are no longer publishing.  One that last updated in 2008.

Finding Solid PTCs

Let’s face it, if you are going to spend the time, effort and money to be successful in the PTC business, you want a good chance that you will be paid in a timely manner.  Or at all, for that matter.  How do you know?

Go with the Big Dogs

The easy and obvious way to find a solid PTC is to go with well established sites.  The possibility for large gain is lessened, but the pay is regular and full.  Where to find a PTC that is new and growing fast where the possibility is great?  That’s the $64 question.

I just saw an ad this morning for a brand new PTC, only 131 members so far.  Is the possibility there to maximize your earnings?  Absolutely.  Is the possibility there for the place to go away before the first payment is made?  Absolutely.

Clues to a Solid PTC

In the case of the ad above, I poked and prodded around a little.  It is a German language site, and the graphics and design aren’t particularly well done.  The ‘non professional’ design is a huge clue to me that the owner launched on a shoestring.  Never good.  I did not sign up for the site, but I couldn’t find anything about the owner, either.  Another clue.  I believe I will stay away from this one, but I will watch to see if they start well, yet another clue.

A Solid, New PTC Today?

Easy answer:  Nerdbux, from TimTech.   This site is less than 2 months old, is growing like crazy, and is backed by TimTech, who has deep enough pockets to withstand the needs of a new PTC.  They hit 50,000 members on Tuesday (the 6th), the growth rate lends itself to making money in the referral side of things.  Growth is crazy big, but also very stable.  1000 new members per day, no big ‘ups’, no big ‘downs’.  It looks to me like the advertising in Nerdbux  is completely sold to people outside TimTech, which further lends credibility to the site.  What can it hurt, really??

And in the End

Everybody wants to make money.  That IS the idea, right?  Looks to me like Nerdbux is your current best chance to do so yourself.

I’m just sayin’

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