The WAY it Works

The Way it Works

3 battered stock cars on a dirt track
Racers racing

In all the ebb and flow of life and business and passion, there are some things that are common, that are the anchors of what ever endeavor you are involved in.  It is the way it works.

Lets say you want to be a racer.  You read the rulebook, buy or build a car, take it to the track, and make it go fast.  Does that make you a racer?  No.  You take it back to the track and make it go fast.  You take it back to the track, and make it go fast.  Maybe you win a heat race or a trophy.  Does that make you a racer?  No.  You get to be a racer by competing fairly and to the best of your ability over the course of time.  Owning a car and saying you are a racer doesn’t get it done.  You get to be a racer over the course of racing, and proving up to your peers.  That’s the way it works.

Be a Writer

I aspire to be a writer, or more correctly, I aspire to be known as a writer.  I know some writers, and I admire them and their work.  I am not a writer, I am a person that puts words on a page in the hope that some will read those words and a few will think I have put the correct words in the correct order.  After a time of doing this with regularity and passion, I may (or may not) become known as a writer.  If I live long enough, work consistently at my craft, and expose my work to any and all scrutiny, maybe.  That IS the way it works.

Be what You Want to Be

The internet and the industry surrounding it is still very young and absolutely loaded with the opportunity to be what you want to be.  The way it works is this:  Pick a subject that you love, learn everything you can about it.  Read about it, think about it, read some more.  Learn everything you can about it, then do it.  Offer your services to others that need them (if you are interested, if you are dedicated, it is going to be very easy to find people in need of what you love).  Show off what you have done, and when you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.  You will make mistakes, everybody does.  Gradually, slowly, you will find that your reputation is growing and the demand for your services (and the money you make) will grow with the demand.  It takes time and consistent effort to move up.  That is the way it WORKS.

Not the Way it Works

There is no shortcut, there is no wormhole.  Doing, showing, improving, building your reputation is the only way.  The ONLY way.

You can not improve your position by attacking those above you.  All that will get for you is some pissed off people that may have been your clients in the future.

You can not become a thing by simply promoting yourself and the thing you wish to be.  No matter how many ad views, no matter how many tweets, no matter how many inches of facebook, you can not promote yourself into a position.  Hard work and a body of work are the only way.

The ONLY way it Works

Learn.  Do.  Learn more.  Do more.  Develop a body of work that you are proud to show to the world.  Do it again, and again and again.  Become what you want to be, and let the court of public opinion judge you on your merits.  If you fail (and most do), get back up and try it again.  That is the way it works.  Michelangelo did not begin his career on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Really.

And in the End

This post is personal.  Normally I try to write to a specific reader who would represent the people that I would write for.  This post is in direct response to an individual that is trying to short circuit the process, and worse.  This person has attacked others that I consider friends in public.  I simply can not abide that.  I don’t have all that many friends, and when one (or more) are attacked, I will rise to the defense.  It is how I am.

I’m just sayin’

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