PTC Information??

What’s Going On?

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What’s Going On?

I’m a desperately trying to do research to improve my knowledge in the PTC world, and it is somewhat hard to find.  For instance, I Googled “Pay to Click Blogs”  Almost 600,000,000 hits, I’m thinking I hit the jackpot.  #1 at Google is a blog that posted 3 times in May 2011.  #2 (after two SEO sites that didn’t relate) was published 6 times in January and February 2012.  That one actually had some information that was serviceable (yes I read it).  #3 was a post from a blog that was nothing more than a Banner Advertising Site.  #4 is a post from “Profit List dot com” that is the most current on the first page at January 2013.  #5 is from February 2011.

That’s the top 5 Google sites out of six hundred million hits.  Depressing.  I would commit felonious acts to have my blog rate in the first 5 pages of TE blogs.

What’s the Answer?

Somebody ought to have a serviceable blog that specializes in Pay to Click.  The even more obvious answer is that I ought to do it.

Here’s the problem with that.  I am not all that passionate about the PTC industry. Interested, sure.  Looking to know more, without doubt.  Passionate?  Not so much.  I think there is some money to be made, and a blog that could attract lots of readers and subscribers for the right person.  I don’t think it’s me.

You see, writing consistently takes passion and interest and desire.  Trust me on this. I love what I am doing, and I love doing this weekly PTC series.  I don’t think I’m capable of taking this to the next level.

Wear your Raincoat

If, like me, you are doing research into PTC and the whole ‘Pay To ‘ world, know that there are some bad people at the fringes of this business.  Please have your Anti-Virus and Firewall current, and use some form of malware detection.  Not that you shouldn’t anyway, but I was pushing out from center last week and really got clobbered.  For the record, I use AVG antivirus, Zone Alarm Firewall, and Spybot Search and Destroy.  They worked, and as designed, I can’t say enough about them except to tell you that they are donation only sites, Pay what you think they are worth.

There is a faction out there called ‘SEM’ search engine marketing.  Strictly black hat stuff, I was trying to find some success to look at, and picked up a whole load of bad stuff.  I guess it makes sense in a way.  If they are unprincipled enough to engage in SEM, then packing you full of malware isn’t much of a stretch.  I strongly recommend that if you come on to SEM in any flavor that you not only pass, but run!

And in the End

There is money to be made in the PTC world, particularly in the legitimate, thriving PTCs.  Both for advertisers and surfers/hustlers (said in the best sense of the word, one who hustles to make things happen) .  A little routine care and caution can keep you from a lot of misery.

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