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First things First

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Chat Protocol Revisited

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This has been coming for some time, but it is just getting uglier and uglier.  No matter what TE website you go to, if it’s got an active chat, it will have people in it promoting their own TEs and programs with shameless frequency.

It really bothers me to go into CTP chat and run into 3 or 4 TE owners sitting there directing traffic and conducting business right there.  They are bullyragging the chat, and just seem to have no conscience at all.  What bothers me the worst?  They aren’t even upgraded in the program that they are using as their sales vehicle.  Free members whoring upgrades at other TEs.  Brutal.  Selling what they don’t buy.  Not much more dishonest than that.

Chat Uses and Abuses

Chat is a really good way to get to know new people.  Just about none finer in TE land.  It is a great place to kibbutz and for newcomers to ask questions.  It’s a wonderful way to strike up a casual friendship or catch up with another friend.  Maybe swap stories and lies:)  It’s the equivalent of the Pickle Barrel in the old General Store, a place for folks to gather.

I am seeing a distressing trend toward people that are hanging around chat areas just waiting for a person to ask a question so that they may PM them and pitch them senseless.  Join this, get that, buy here.  A few people are treating major chat areas like a windblown $10 dollar bill.  Just let me get my hands on that….

Chat as a Support room\

Another thing that really gags me is the complaining about problems in chat.  All TEs (even the ones owned by the guys above) have a support mechanism in place.  If you have a problem, fill out a support ticket and give the owner/administrator a chance to make it right.  What’s even worse??  Bellyaching about a problem at a TE that you aren’t chatting in.  What good can that possibly be??

And in the End

Chat is a great part of our industry.  Most all of us use it as it was intended.  Here’s hoping that your next chat experience is pleasant and fulfilling.

I’m just sayin’


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