What is THE Worst Thing?

A laptop erupts
That’s going to leave a mark.

When The Worst Happens

Every now and again the sauce rolls downhill and things go wrong.  I’m an just right in the middle of a broken computer and am here to tell you that there are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to minimize the impact of such things.


You know this right??  The worst is that you lose everything on your primary drive.  I mean, your computer is all backed up and current, right?  it’s not like there aren’t a gozillion ways to back your stuff up, from commercial cloud based systems that automatically back you up every so many hours to external drives that are specifically made for the purpose.  That’s the system I use, and it’s effectiveness is still theoretical.  I’ll surely have an update on this…

2:  Passwords

I know I do better with my passwords than most. The worst case is that I have to reset/renew every one.  What A PIA. I am probably in the top 1% for password handling, and I am having a heck of a time.  I’ve had to reset half a dozen so far today…and this could be WAY worse.  Just a little word to the wise, update your password hard copy.

3:  Bookmarks

I score complete fail on this one.  Epic badass stupid.  The very worst may have happened here with me.   I don’t know about you, but I use the bookmarks a lot, and rely on them a lot, and, well, I’m pretty well lost in several areas.  Jeeze, I wanted to go read my blog list, and I simply can’t get to some, because I don’t have backup (paper or DVR) so I can even find things.  I have some really priceless stuff that I would really hate to lose, really.  If I get it all back (and I think I will) I guarantee you I’ll make this happen soonest.

What to Do??

Think about it.  While you do what ever it is online today, think about what you would need if you had to go to a public computer tomorrow.  Bookmarks?  A paper copy of the 50 or so that I use routinely would be priceless to me right now.  Passwords?  Every one that you have and know will save you 10 minutes of wasted time to re set.  Backups?  Ohhhh, I had a wailing and gnashing of teeth the last time this happened.  That is what caused the as yet untested Seagate unit to appear at my house.  I’m sure it will work, whether I end up repairing the old faithful or going to a new standard.

And in the End

Typically, I am a couple of days ahead of the process on my blog, and am easily ready to publish on schedule.  This post represents a ‘made from scratch’ day of post.  At least I had an available subject.  Ugly though that may be.  It is really good to be back.

I’m just sayin’


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