3 Things from Last Week

3 Things from the Last Week

Three fingers held up.
3 things

A broken computer left me high and dry for a few days.  No big deal, right?  It’s summertime, not much is going to happen, right?

Not so much.  It was a very exciting week in TE land, a lot happened.  Some of this will simply be an update, some will have money making implications.

It really was a ‘week that was’ and I am sorry that I wasn’t right on top of or in the middle of the whole deal.  The very best I can come up with is this:  Here it is, let’s make sure we catch up with it NOW!  Let’s get to it!

Rocket Responder Rolls

TimTech’s new autoresponder is making a big splash.  It’s not only simple and smooth and clean and, well, beautiful, it’s reactive.  Changes have been made every day according to members suggestions.  It’s a beautiful piece of gear, and it’s just getting better.  And a new incentive plan ‘high five’ has been added to make it even more attractive to affiliates.  WooHoo!

Surf Duel Debuts

A brand new TE kicked off the first of September.  No news in that, right??  This one is different, and I don’t mean a color change on the stock script.  This is DIFFERENT.  No credits.  Yep, no credits.  Your site is in rotation so long as it gets votes.  They get votes by going against another site every time, and the viewer chooses between the two.  In only two days there is no DUSAP advertising to be found.  It’s great!!  I think it may end up being as innovative as Sweeva with the old charm of ThumbVu, when we got to pick the thumbnail of the advertiser that we wanted to see.  I see great things for this TechDime product.  Really.  Check it out.

Tim Tech’s Lifetime Sale

It’s over now, but if you didn’t get in on it, shame on you.  Shame on me.  I am in the position of ‘tapped out’ at least until the end of the month and I couldn’t buy even one of the 6 products they had for sale.  Best price I’ve ever seen since I’ve been around.  I hope you got all 6 and will neener neener me with regularity.  What a deal it was.

And in the End

I’m still using my old computer.  My local geek has been in it up to his elbows, and I just can’t afford to replace it right now.  Soon, I hope.  But the breakdown did make me thankful for what I’ve got, and for all my friends here!!  I hope you have the best week of your lives so far.

I’m just sayin’

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