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Simple Statement

Discipline, as a general subject, does not come naturally for me.  It is a thing I work on a lot.  I schedule, I make lists, I work hard at doing what I say I am going to do.  Like publishing 3 days per week.  It isn’t easy for me, but I keep at it…

I had decided last week that the real way for me to learn more about the PTC life is to get in, get my hands dirty, and do it.  I am starting small, concentrating on Clicksense.  Why that and not Nerdbux?  Because I am a huge fan of TimTech, and that colors my reaction to anything that they put out.  So in order to present myself fairly, I chose Clicksense.

What it Is

I started at Clicksense with a balance of $0.00 and am working to maximize my earnings while learning the ropes and how and when to pull them.

So far, I am averaging over 10 cents per day by clicking every available ad and doing selected tasks.  I have not checked out all of the tasks, I spend less than one hour per day there.

What’s Wrong

A couple of things, one pretty minor, and one clearly major.  The minor problem is with Clicksense itself, the major one is with advertisers there.

Grid Clicking

The problem I have found with the grid click scheme of advertising is simple.  No return.  I have 120 (4 days @ 30) clicks into the grid with no return.  It’s a very quick 5 second timer, should be real easy and fast to get through.  One problem is that the timer doesn’t start until the site has loaded completely so that actual time per view is over 20 seconds.  The other problem with the grid is lack of pay.  I do not know what the ratio is, but it isn’t very high, I will guarantee you.

The BIG Rant

I have tried most (if not all) of the survey sites.  As it turns out, I am an over 60 male that isn’t going to purchase much in the next year, so am of no great interest to the survey takers.  I get that, and have no problem with that at all.  My problem is the amount of information they require and the length of time that it takes to qualify.

In order to pre qualify me, survey takers need my age, gender, and zip code.  Nothing more.  I have filled out my complete address, my first, last and mi, just to get me in the door.  20 to 30 qualification questions later, I am deemed ineligible, and so don’t get paid.  Bullshit.  You got exactly what you wanted from me, and that makes me crazy.  I have not gotten a single email from any of them yet (at least not that have cleared my spam filters) but I expect, at the very least, to have my information sold to ‘secondary vendors’.  For nothing.  It’s one thing to trade what I have for money, it’s quite another to beat me out of it.

Update:  Since I wrote this a couple of days ago, the e mails have started to arrive.  I can’t prove that they are from the survey people, but I strongly suspect it to be so.

All this said, I’m going to stay with Clicksense for a month.  Starting with this column next week, I will post my returns.

I’m just sayin’

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