The Perfect Job

This post is a direct result of Seth Godin’s blog post from Sunday, August 15, 2013 titled “What if Surfing Were your Job?.  Gave me pause to think, I hope you will read it, too.  In fact, I strongly recommend a subscription to Seth’s Blog.  He publishes at least once per day.

Surfing next to a wave wall
Could you do this job?

What’s your Job?

What would happen if the one thing you like most on earth were your job?  Would you still love it, or would it become a drudge?  Would having your favorite thing as a source of income make you worry about others that enjoy it?  Would you bellyache about the hours and the conditions?  Would innovation scare you or excite you?  Would you perform to the best of your ability or would you sluff off?  Why or why not?

Whose job is It?

There are at least a couple things in play in this line of reasoning.  After all, it is my job, and my attitude towards that job is directly in my control.  I can choose to be pleasant and positive and productive in my job, or I can choose to be churlish, petty and spiteful.  If I am truly in a dead end, suffocating job, I have the ability and responsibility to make a change.  What a concept.  That I might take personal responsibility for my own situation…In this case, by applying for other jobs that provide better circumstances.

What about the Dream Job?

If you could make a living by doing the thing you love most, would it be enough for you?  Would it?  Would you find reason to complain about the circumstances of your job?  Amazingly, this too is under my direct control.  I can choose whether I will like or dislike any given activity or part of an activity.  I am personally responsible for my attitude and outlook regarding any given thing.

What I Do

I genuinely like what I do for a living.  Some aspects of what I do (writing this post, for one) are positively exhilarating to me.  Some aspects are not as much fun (deleting spam posts from my blog) aren’t near as much fun, but taken as a part of the greater whole, not a chore but a task to be accomplished in pursuit of my job.

But is it My Favorite?

No.  For me, compared to riding a motorcycle, internet marketing and writing about it is clearly a second choice.  I get many job related benefits from my pride and joy, but the two are distinctly different.


Exactly.  My why in life is simple.  I want to ride when I want, where I want, how I want.  No more, no less.  So I need to continue on with a profession I merely enjoy a great deal to be able to accomplish my Why in life.  That was Easy!

And in the End

I have chosen to do what I do based on many inputs.  Very much at the top of the list is the enjoyment I get from it and the passion that I feel for it.  Viva Fun!

I’m just sayin’


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