Inspiration Beyond the Quotes

Inspiration Beyond the Quotes

Picture of the book cover Inspiration Beyond the Quotes
Inspiration Beyond the Quotes

This is the newest book from Justin Ledvina and Patrick Griffin, the 4th in their “Beyond the Quotes” series.  It is a terrific book, maybe their best.  Set up (like the others) to read one quote per day, with articulate discussion and a place to write your own thoughts.  This one focuses on inspiration or ‘do it now’.  You can get it right here, right now.  Do it!!  NOW.

It’s a serious book with serious goals and words that will help each and every one of us on our journey to success.  Buy it, and read it.  As good as it will look on your bookshelf, it’s much the better to be read!

Inspiration beyond the Book

OK, I’ll admit, I am completely freaking shameless.  I intend to use Patrick and Justin’s book and my thoughts on the daily readings like a rented mule in this post and quite possibly others.  I’ll not use their words, and wouldn’t even think of using their quotes, but this book has me fired up and I intend to carry that fire through to this.


Pick a task or a skill that you want to excell at, and dedicate yourself to the mastery of that skill.  Nobody, not any one ever in the history of earth has bowled a 300 game on their first attempt.  Statistics show that a huge fraction score under 100 in their first attempt.  Yet many, many people learn and master bowling.  Check your local paper, chances are that there were several 300s bowled in your city this week.  What’s the difference?  Dedication to learning a skill.  It’s that simple.

Never Up, Never In

It’s a golf saying.  If you don’t hit your putt hard enough to go to the hole you have no chance of making the putt.  Likewise, if you don’t try, and try your best at anything, you will never succeed.  We talk ourselves out of trying something to keep from failing, but, truth is, not starting is failure of the worst sort.  If you never try you can’t win.  That easy.

And in the End

In case you can’t tell, I’m really excited about Justin and Patrick’s new book.  My sincere wish for them is to sell a million copies, and thereby help a half million to succeed.  Only half that own it will read it, but that half will be enriched.  I guarantee it!  It is “Inspiration Beyond the Quotes”  get it here.

I’m just sayin’

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