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Thursday is product review day, if you will remember, and here is a product that everybody knows and loves.  Why would I review CTP?  I’ll tell you.

I am just almost a year into my membership at CTP.  I am pretty sure I joined on October 17, 2012, and upgraded on October 18.  I have said it a good many times, I say again:  “CTP is the best training available on the net.  At any price.”  I believe that completely.

What it Is

CTP is a ‘hub product’ from TimTech that is dedicated to training EVERYBODY in how to make money on line.  That part of it’s mission is wildly successful.  It is approaching 100,000 members and is a long term success story for TimTech.

It is fun.  Much of the ‘secret formula’ at CTP involves having fun while learning the ropes and starting your online business.  Badges.  Who would have thought that virtual tokens would become the centerpiece to a terrific training strategy?

It is ordered and ordered and orderly.  The training and certification here is first rate.  You can (and do) learn the basics for a wide range of products and procedures that will serve you well in the online business world.

It is expert.  Tim and Justin and Jon do a terrific job with their part of the program, and the ‘outside experts’ are just that.  Expert and informative.  A word here about the availability of training at CTP.  Upgraded members get significantly more training than free members.  The $10 per month cost of the upgrade is WAY worth it.

What it Isn’t

It isn’t get rich quick.  It is in no way to be confused with the ‘Make a Million this Month’ guys.  CTP stresses ‘get in line, stay in line’, ‘slow and steady progress’, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’.  Nothing fast about the training or the results.  But I can tell you from personal experience that the results do come!!

It isn’t one stop shopping.  CTP relies on many outside programs, and does it’s level best to steer you to the very best of these.  Find them, try them, use them.  It’s a smorgasbord not a single entry menu.  Taste it all!!

It isn’t the easy button.  CTP takes work and time.  It’ll show you what, where, when and how. You have to provide the passion and drive to do it.

Personal Testimony

I have clearly crawled over the first ‘Jon Olson line’ ($2.39 per day) and am in sight of the second ($23.97 per day).  That in itself is a wonder to me, I actually make a little money on line!!

Through CTP I have been exposed to TE Live and T3, the spreecast arm of TimTech.  Through those two programs I have been exposed to and actually made friends with some of the movers and shakers in this industry.  What a concept.

I have made more friends and contacts through CTP than the rest of my online exposure combined.  It’s just terrific.

And in the End

CTP is simply the best thing that has happened to me in my online career.  I am in awe of the vision and dedication it has taken to get it to that point.  Thanks, TimTech!

I’m just sayin’

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