Whining: A fine Art


A young boy whining
Overall attraction of Whining

I’m struggling a little with a topic for today.  I’m going to one of my tried and true favorites, whining about other peoples behavior online.  It at least keeps me from looking at my own deficiencies.


As in have a little.  Some of the splash pages I see are little more than WYSIWYG editor pages.  Jeeze, can’t you see that they look terrible?  At least, at the very absolute least, change the font from Arial.  It is the default font all over the net, Please.  And listen carefully:  Highlighted lines just don’t get it, particularly when the font doesn’t change…There are so many options for you, just a little pride of ownership and workmanship would really go a long way.  I can do it, it’s not hard.  I actually own 3 pieces of splash page generating software, that I bought before I discovered AdKreator.  Now I use it almost exclusively…


While I am whining…Please post a picture.  The Gravatar symbol, the blank egg, the human outline just don’t cut it.  For one thing, it makes me think you either don’t care enough to post something, or are too ignorant to do so.  Which one of those two options do you think I am going to buy from??  Right.  Neither one.

For the cheese with this whine, post a decent picture of yourself.  There is no real reason to use your DUI booking photo as your gravatar.  Really.  A good picture of yourself is not hard, even if you don’t own a camera or a web cam (really?  Your computer is THAT old??) one of your friends should be able to email you a picture.  They are all over Facebook for crying out loud.  Pick one and use it!

Personal Attacks

Get a grip.  These just make YOU look stupid.  There are several ways to get even in this business, personal attacks are not the way.  Somebody has pissed you off?  Out work them, out idea them, out last them.  That’s the way to win in this arena.  Attacking another persons work or ideas just doesn’t get it.  The only thing you do is give your enemy recognition and tarnish your own reputation.  Very unbecoming at the least.

And in the End

Sometimes whining is good for the soul.  Sometimes, whining is just plain offensive.  I hope this is somewhere between.

I’m just sayin’

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