Survival Marketing

Motorcycle v Car Wreck
Don’t be this guy.


OK.  I ride a motorcycle.  A lot.  Riding on the open road is all about me and my skill and choices I make.  Riding in traffic is a different skill set, I have to be on guard at all times for mistakes that other drivers make.  Anytime you tangle with a car, the results are almost always catastrophic for the motorcyclist.

It all boils down to survival.  In the case of my motorcycle, it’s about getting home every time.  In the case of Marketing and Selling, the threats are different but the outcome can be exactly the same.

First Look

The very first thing you need to ensure your survival in TE land is blink speed.  If your ads don’t survive the first 3 seconds you have no chance.  None.

1:  You need to be certain that your website loads quickly and properly.  Nobody, repeat, no one waits for a slow loading site.  Load quick or die.

2:  Be attractive.  It is absolutely critical in this business that your site is pleasing to the eye.  Includes, but not limited to, Font choice, Spacing, Color Choices, Pictures and Originality.  All play a part in overall attractiveness.

3:  Call to action.  You absolutely need to ask the viewer to do something and to do make it VERY clear what that something is.  Make the button big, make it plain, make it compelling.  Your survival depends on it.

Upon Further Review

So your site loads quick, it looks good, has a clear and present call to action.  If it can’t stand a second look, your chances of survival decrease suddenly.

1:  Don’t DUSAP (Don’t Use Standard Advertising Pages).  Being like everyone else is a sure way to turn off a potential buyer.  It may work to a degree early in a campaign, but nobody gets in THAT early except the owner.

2:  Be original.  Make your own splash pages and banners.  Put YOUR picture on them.  You are the one selling the product, not your car or teddy bear.  It only makes sense.

There a hundred places on the web to make your own splash pages and banners.  The prices range from free (where, generally speaking, you get what you pay for) to very expensive.  For my money and time, AdKreator is the best one going.  I own 6 pieces of software for the purpose, a couple of which were quite expensive.  AdKreator  beats them all, and so completely that I haven’t opened any of the others in over a year.  And there are several reasonably priced ways to have somebody else make your ads.  Rhonda Pizor at Make My Splash is excellent, I just happen to know.

Survive, Thrive, Win.  That’s the formula.

And in the End

You have to survive before you can thrive.  I sincerely hope you get it to the porch safely.  Don’t be that guy that ends up on the bumper of a Cadillac ¼ mile from home.

I’m just sayin’


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