Don’t Wait

Glowing and sparking Nike SwooshThis is not the column I planned for today, is in fact, not the column I had written for today.  It is so pressing and urgent that I put that other one on the hook for later.  It’s a good post, but this is urgent!

I got a call from one of my good friends yesterday.  This is a guy I have known since I moved to Yuma, spend quite a lot of time with.  He typically shows up at my place at 0500 to have a cup of coffee and discuss the world’s pressing problems.

It’s Liver Cancer.  Went into the week thinking it was his gall bladder and, well, everybody was wrong.  Made me wonder what Denny has put off in his life…

Don’t Wait

We all have stuff we put off until later, until the time is right.  “When I get _________ I’ll do ________.”  Sound familiar?  My friend is faced now with sorting through the list of things that he waited too long for.

Having watched others go through that list, I know that it can be a horrible, torturous time. Or it can be a time to say “Damn, I’m glad I _________ when I could.  I’m glad I didn’t put it off until the time was perfect.”

Where are you on your list?  This is important, there will be a test at the end.

What are You Waiting For?

Really.  What are you waiting for?  Perfect timing?  More time in your life (have you EVER gained time in your life??)  Money?  Fame?  What?

What ARE you Waiting For?

Big things or small, it’s time, right now.  Take something, anything, and do it.  Plan the trip, plan the finances, plan the deal.  But plan.  Now is the perfect time.

Don’t wait.  The it’s too late moment comes at you way too fast.

And in the End

Nike said it best.  Just Do It!

I’m just sayin’

Bonus Time

Talk about ‘Don’t Wait’.  Thursday the TimTech guys announced the new badgehunt series at about 3:30 pm.  By 7:00 pm Thursday, my friend and partner, Sunny Suggs had a new and fully functioning website up and running.  We will be doing the Badgehunt Blog again, first score post will be Monday morning.  It took Sunny and I about 15 minutes to decide to do it, and 3 hours to get it ready.  Sunny is the perfect example of do it now.

You want to build your business?  Your list?  Your branding?  Someday?  Buy a badge, they are $25.00.  Start today.

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