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You know what’s really nice?  Writing a product review for a product that really works.  In fact, it works so well I wonder how the writing of this column will go.  We will see, I suspect.

What it Is

Simply, an advertising Cooperative.  Nothing particularly new about the concept, it’s a well proven tool in the market.  You advertise their site, they advertise yours. Here is what sets the Legacy Team Co op apart is it’s reach.  Just now I checked my last 10 hits stat, and all 10 of them are at sites that I don’t even recognize.  Not that they just reach ‘low budget’ TEs, my most active stats box shows Top Hits 4 U on top.  Always a good choice.

What it Isn’t

The be all and end all for your advertising.  It’s a great resource, but it isn’t meant to take the place of your advertising efforts, it is designed to be a part of a total advertising strategy.

Like all things in the advertising world, testing and checking should be mandatory. Trck.me links work just fine in LTC.  Use them.

What I Really Like

I really like the way that Legacy Team Co op’s web site is set up.  Very clean and easy to use, I love the design and especially the drop down menu system.

I really like the simplicity of the site.  Everything I want to do is intuitive and easy to do.

I really, really, I mean REALLY like the way it works.  Even if it were clunky and hard to use it would be a very useable product.  It’s not, and it’s great.

What I don’t Like

I don’t like that there are no customizable splash pages.  I really like to put my picture/video in a prominent position when I am advertising a product.  I feel like I get more ‘bang for my buck’ that way.

How to Use LTC

It’s a good product to promote on it’s own merits, you couldn’t go wrong just doing that. You get credits at the co op every time you pay to have their site shown.  Makes it a win win situation all by itself.

It’s also good for expanding your advertising reach.  You can get your face and product seen at a LOT of places.  For a very reasonable price, I might add…

And In the End

Another great product from the Legacy Team.  Just can’t go wrong with this one…

I’m just sayin’


Don’t forget TimTech’s Black Friday Celebration starts TODAY (Thursday, 11/28) at 6:00pm EST.  Be there or be square!!  Here is where you will find the deals!!     http://timtech.us/blackfriday.php


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Black Friday

Black FridayBlack Friday Kicks Off

With my deepest apology to Steely Dan, I am sitting here singing “When Black Friday Comes….”

Black Friday??

Specifically, TimTech’s Black Friday.  102 special sale deals offered one hour each from 6:00pm EST Thursday til Midnight (EST) Monday, December 2nd.  If the past performance is any predictor of what will be (and I can assure you it is) the deals and savings will be epic.  EPIC.

Clean out your ashtray in the car, under your couch cushions and check your pockets in the laundry basket.  You will want every cent you have available to take advantage of these deals.  Every single cent.

That’s it?

Really?  I have become a shill for TimTech?  I’m going to leak away a whole column on a 102 hour sale?  Really??

No.  The sale is epic, and no doubt about it, but to me, the celebration of the sale is way more important.

Last Year

Was a mere 96 hour sale, with 96 hours of spreecast right with it.  96 continuous hours of basic craziness with a whole bunch of people in our industry.  Why would I care??

I’ll tell you why.  I was relatively new to the area at that point, and not only did I make some deals that propelled me down the path that I am on today, but I got to know, like and trust a whole bunch of folks that have been incredibly important to any success I might have today.  I can’t overstate the importance.

Who could be THAT Important?

I’ll be honest, it was the star power of Jon and Justin that got me started.  It was a little like reality TV with two guys that I really admire.  They really are magic on camera together, and that alone was enough to get me.  I think Justin made the first 48 hours of the sale without going to bed!  I certainly didn’t:)

But it was the guests, and guest hosts and hangers on that really impacted me.  I’m never going to be able to remember all (I will actually take notes this year), and forgive me for not mentioning everybody that impacted my experience.  I’m old.  I forget.  Sue me.

Walter Mudler

Turns out, one of the great guys in the business.  He invited us into his home in the Netherlands, dropped a wine glass on camera, and several other things.  My biggest impact?  He had to give up his host spot for a church board meeting.  I knew I could trust him right then…

Janelle Pineau

It wasn’t when I first noticed Janelle.  Who could not?  She is (and certainly was then) a bundle of hustle that I wanted to know better.  I think she was at least in the audience for about 90 hours, just there almost all the time…Today I consider her one of my best friends in the business and am way better off for our friendship.

Bill Gorcsi

Heck, for all I knew a year ago, Bill the badge guy was a gnome that lived in a cave in Canada. Made all the badges for TT, and did some design work.  Wow.  There is a real live human, witty and quick and funny there in that house!

Patrick Griffin

One of the stars of the show.  Patrick carried huge chunks of the show all by himself, and proved to be a wonderful host and person.  It really is a shame that the copy of that spreecast is lost, Patrick had some moments that were beyond funny…

Rob Paris

The Aussie flash.  He took over much of the overnight duty for the spreecast, I got to spend a lot of time with him.  I’m in awe of his computer cave, and what he can do offhand with it…I’d have never, ever gotten to know the Sweeva legend if not for Black Friday…

Who is it This Year??

There are more, many more.  I could go on and on and on…But I really want to get ready for this year.  Who will be that guy or gal?  Who will I get to know a whole lot better?  I just can’t wait, I’m like I was as a child in the Christmas season…it never seems to get here.

And in the End

Will I help this year?  Yes.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you then and there!

I’m just sayin’

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Child's astonished face

“Things that make you go hmmmm”.  I have several things written down lately that give me reason to say ‘Really?’  I wouldn’t call this a full blown rant, maybe just more like ‘what were they thinking?’.


You know what DUSAP stands for, right??  Don’t Use Standard Affiliate Pages.  It seems I’m seeing more and more and more of them currently.  Maybe everybody is gearing up for the holidays and short on time, maybe they are getting results with them, maybe they are just lazy.  I don’t know, but it seems I see hundreds of pages crafted from the same mill. Same colors, same font, same look and feel.

The thing I’ve found out about DUSAP ads?  They just don’t work as well as one you have crafted yourself.  If you just can’t make an ad all by yourself, Rhonda at MMS can set you up cheap.  Really cheap.

Turn a 1 Time $4.78 payment into a Million Dollar Income!

Really??  OK, I’ll bite.  Here’s $10.00, give me two.

I know, I know.  I’ll give the second one away on the internet, just like the guy in the ad is doing.  I’ll give away my second million…

Oh, Yeah.  It’s a DUSAP ad.  How could you guess??

What’s That You Say??

Direct from an ad I saw in rotation this morning.  “Make sure your sound is turned up…Wait 10 seconds for the video to load.”

I’m thinking that a very small percentage of the population is going to follow those instructions.  “Know what I mean, Vern??”

You’ve paid out HOW much??

You know all those counters for the various small PTCs are dummies, right?  I mean, really, it’s part of the script, and it just keeps it growing every time somebody views the ad. It’s easier to dummy up than a Pay Pal statement.

There was an official launch for a new PTC on Wednesday.  He’d had a soft launch, to work the bugs out and such, but officially launched on Wednesday.  His count totals on Wednesday were 41, 393 members, 2,129,153 views and $3,276.78 paid out.  That would be a heck of a soft launch if it were anywhere near reality…it’s not.

Just so you don’t think I’m throwing anyone specific under the bus, there is another one that has been open less than two weeks that shows 1,359,985 members and $256,632 paid out.  That is a real serious two weeks.  Makes it about the 5th most active site on the innerwebs…In two weeks.  Oh, yeah.  I believe.

The Biggest Launch of the Year!

Nice red counter, now is down to 7 days and something.  Biggest Launch of the Year.  Haven’t bothered showing us a product yet, no idea at all except ‘Biggest Launch of 2013’.  I’m frankly a little skeptical.  Just a little, mind you.

Anybody remember Ripplin?  That was touted as the biggest launch of ever.  4 months they hammered every day.  Promised it would be bigger than Facebook.  Promised it would be bigger than Google (REALLY??).  I don’t honestly know if they ever did get a product to market.  Most of those counter driven big launches are simply ‘fundraising opportunities’.  For the ‘developer’.  Not so much for the people that actually put money into it.

Maybe this one is different.  Or not.

And in the End

It’s a buyer beware market, I get that, but REALLY??

I’m just sayin’

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Learn With Nick

Learn with NickLearn With Nick Banner

Let’s get the disclaimer right up front, shall we?  Nick Grimshawe is a friend of mine.  Nick and I started at CTP somewhere near the same time, started to make acquaintance and have gone on to real friendship.  Also, my CTP Manifesto is included in Nick’s resource area.  The Manifesto is really a glorified index to CTP, and I am honored to have it included. Shows me just how far I was from ‘best use’ I was when I wrote it.

Which in no way diminishes what I think of his site.  It is just terrific. Learn With Nick has taken CTP training to a whole new level, a level of professionalism that really adds to the training available at CTP.  And know that I consider Click Track Profit the best training available for our business that is available on the net.  At any price!

What It Does

Gives the new person bite sized portions for the training at CTP.  Nick is a master of the personal video (does anybody else remember the orange sweater?) and uses short video to really drive home the key steps atCTP.

What It Doesn’t Do

Learn With Nick is not a replacement for CTP.  It is a primer, or a companion to.  Nick carefully guides people through the process at CTP from signing up to referral links.

What I Really Like

I really like the way Learn with Nick is laid out.  Very logical and well thought out.

I really like the design,

I really like that the site is set up so that free users can get a ton of good out of it, and that the upgrade is reasonable and worth the price.  A very nice combination.

I really, really like the personal way that Nick uses video.  Every time I watch one, I feel like he is talking to me in the same room.

Expert Help

Nick didn’t do this all by himself, he hired people to the things he needed to.  It shows, all over the site.

He has a great resource page, with all the CTP training that has gone before, along with input and products from a wide range of really qualified people.  It’s pretty impressive and very useable.

Continuing Education

Part of Nick’s promise at Learning is that he will continue to improve and update his site. Today, Wednesday Nov. 20th, Nick had a webinar on ‘Planning for 2014’.  It’s the first of a 4 part series, and the first one was terrific (You can watch the recording, it’s on Spreecast).  I’m really looking forward to the next one (next week).  I am seriously impressed!!  Join the site, and you’ll get notification.


Learn With Nick is just a wonderful resource.  It’s so good, and with the continuing education promises to remain relevant and fresh for a long time.  It’s been well thought out and the execution of it is near flawless.

And in the End

Nugget:  This site is VERY promotable.  It’s not only a great tool for building your downline, but the reasonable price on the valuable upgrade makes for commission payments, too.

I’m just sayin’


Breaking News!  From the genius of Russell Stockley comes this event calendar. Bookmark it, use it, enjoy it!!  What a deal!!  More about this soon!!


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Customer Service

Customer Service

Well, let me tell you a story….

Once upon a time (about 10 days ago), my internet service went completely sideways, throttled down to 256kbs, the same speed I had in 1990 when I started with bbs.  I did what I could, IM with Century Link (formerly known as Ma Bell) Customer Service in Boise, Idaho…

Keith:  “Yes, I can see that your service is way slow.  Would you like me to schedule a tech to come to your place?”

Me:  “Please”.

Keith:  “Know that there could be an $85.00 charge if the problem is in your house.”

.Me:  “Schedule it.”

Keith:  “Next Monday between 9:00 and 11: 00 am.”

Me:  “That long?  I really need this service.”

Keith:  “First available appointment.  Best we can do.”

Fast forward to Sunday, 11:15 am.  The Cardinals vs Jacksonville football game has just started, I have a pizza in the oven.  The neighbor’s dog alerts me to someone at my place.  I am not surprised, I had a guy that was supposed to show on Saturday to look at a trailer that I have for sale, but was very surprised to see a Century Link truck parked in front of my house.

Me:  “Are you here to fix my innerwebs?”

Tech:  “I’m here to tell you what is wrong.”  <Cue the ominous organ music>

Me:  “I am pleasantly surprised that you are a day early, but I have a pizza in the oven.  I thought you’d call first.”

Tech:  “<Grunt>  Where is your connection?”

Me:  “I’ll show you.”

Tech:  <Grunt>.”

….Ten minutes pass.  I am eating my first piece of pizza.  Knock on the door.

Tech:  “I found that your service was out of synch, it is now up to full speed at the source.  I suspect that you have a problem with your house wiring.  I couldn’t read your modem correctly from the source.”

Me:  “What should I do?”

Tech:  “Want me to check?”

Me:  “Please

Tech:  “It’ll cost $85.00”

Me:  “OK.”

Two minutes later (after he had borrowed a telephone patch cord from me)

Tech:  “Yep, you have a problem with your house wiring.”

Me:  “What should I do?”

Tech:  “Want me to work on it?”

Me:  “Costs $85.00, right?”

Tech:  “No, you spent your $85 for me to check for a problem.  Costs $60 for the first 15 minutes, $100 per hour or part of after that.”

Me:  “What???”

Me:  “You are out of your f…ing mind.”

Me:  “What’s it cost for a recommendation?”

Tech:  “Rewire.  Do A, B, C, should be no problem…Have a nice day.”

So after a 15 minute service call I am left with no internet service at all and $85.00 poorer.  In the interest of time, I won’t detail my experience at Radio Shack, except to say that it made Century Link’s customer service look just fine…I am probably lucky that I didn’t spend Sunday night in jail.

Customer Service Again

Don’t be that guy.  Don’t be that company.  Work with your customers.  They wouldn’t call or text or whatever if everything is good.  Know that they are pissed and want help desperately, I beg you.  The net result of my experience will be never again for two businesses.  Don’t be that guy.

And in the End

This kind of customer service was on the level with a horse servicing a mare, or a bull servicing a cow.

I’m just sayin’

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Unsubscribe Dread

The Case for Unsubscribe

There is a lot of ‘buzz’ in traffic exchange land about quality vs quantity traffic.  I may have contributed some of it myself (see last Saturday’s post here).  Net Market Forum has several topics that are at least loosely related to the subject.  I’m going to take another swing at it.

Unsubscribe RejectionPicture of Rejection

I get it, believe me.  When your list is small (and mine certainly qualifies), an unsubscribe, or a person that goes dormant in your program feels like a punch to the stomach.  It feels like personal rejection of what I have worked so hard to build…How can they leave me now??

There are lots of reasons, and none of them have to do with personal rejection.  Not what they thought they were signing up for?  Unsubscribe.  Too many e mails?  Unsubscribe.  Too much time to take care of?  Adios.  Too busy trying to make it their way to pay attention to yours?  Goodbye.

Note that none of these reasons was “This is a no good slime sucking SOB that I am embarrassed to do business with”.  Not a one was “This person is really ignorant and I desperately fear it may rub off on me”.  If they felt that way they wouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

Risk Subscription

Accepting a subscription or a sign up is taking a risk.  Once you sign up one person you are required to perform.  And it’s in my best interest to perform at a certain level or….they will unsubscribe in a second.  Risky behavior, I put myself at risk to rejection and the dreaded u word.  Oh, the humanity of it all!

On the other hand, not taking subscriptions, not signing people up, not taking a risk is certain.  Failure.  If you don’t play, you never, ever win.  The best you can hope for is to not lose, and guess what??  You already have.  Lost.

And another thing

What does it matter where your subscriptions come from and how many never become active or drop out right away?  Really?  As long as you don’t go into negative numbers with your subscription list, (I need to find four more subscriptions to make it to zero) is a positive.  I need to concentrate on what I do have, not on what I don’t.

Celebrate the subscribers!  Those that are active and loyal are the core of your business. The absolute core.  Make life for them the best it can be, and you will find that they tell others of your product.  The beat goes on.  I can make it a positive beat, or I can piss and moan about the negative.  Which would you rather listen to??

And in the End

This should be my last post with the horrible internet connection.  At least in theory, I should have a tech person here on Monday.  I am way past ready.

I’m just sayin’

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Review Review

Review SignSo here’s the deal.  My internet service is just barely alive, less than 256kps all the time, Means I can’t surf and research like normal, so instead of the normally scheduled product review, I will give some updates on some of the more recent reviews.  Should have a regular product review next week.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Cash Surfing Network

Several changes at Cash Surfing Network including a spreecast every weekday at 6:00 pm EST.  Membership is growing like crazy, and the upside of CSN is still compelling to me.  A collaboration between the Legacy Team and Eric Goettman changes happen nearly every day.  One of the most responsive products I have ever seen…

Click Track Profit

What to say about Click Track Profit?  It just rolls along.  Although there are changes.  Since my review they have run the ‘Spooktacular Badge Hunt’, a terrific promotion for all involved.  They have changed some of the training to reflect new trends and leaders in the industry.  Not onlyl does CTP just keep rolling along, it keeps getting better.

Net Marketing Forum

NetMarketing Forum is back!!  Less than two weeks since NMF rose from the ashes and it is rolicking along pretty well.  A very nice mix of new people and old people.  Errr people that have been around a while:)  Lots of good folks come around and answer questions and provoke topics.  It’s shaping up to be a great idea exchange, maybe even the next Warrior Forum, or even better, what the Warrior Forum could have been!  It’s all free and just doing great!

Surf Duel

Remember like a month ago when I had a ‘serious thing’ going on for Surf Duel?  It hasn’t gotten any better!  I still really like the look and feel of the place, and the concept is completely different from anything you have seen.  The Tech Dime guys have really put a ton of work and effort into this site, and it shows.  Still listed as ‘open Beta’, they have gotten all most all of the rough edges polished off.  It’s a fun place to play!

Traffic Browser

Yes, I have thrown David Eaton and Traffic Browser under the bus on two different occasions.  Yes, I pulled him out and dusted him off once.  This should count as a second ‘pull him out and dust him off’.  David Eaton is not only a really talented programmer (with a great imagination) but very, very determined to make TB work.  He keeps making updates and changes and fixes, and has gotten to a point where he has a very usable and sellable product.  Hurrah for David!!

And in the End

I hope you have enjoyed this lame excuse of a column.  I should have full service internet back by next week and be able to present a real product review.

‘I’m just sayin’

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The Good Old Days

Stay Right HereHarrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and 2 Star Troopers.  Black and White

I’m thinking Carly Simon, here.  That sweet voice “…stay right here, cause these are the good old days…”

I have found myself pushed squarely into the good old days.  No where near sure what exactly what happened, but my internet connection has been reduced to an actual 242 kbps.  Yes, that is kilo bits per second.  I’ll have a technician here next Monday, exactly one week after I reported the problem…<deep sigh>

I had a 256 kbs modem in 1990.  Nobody knew how fast it was, because it was simply called a computer modem.  It was a cradle modem, you dialed the phone number, listened for the handshake to start, and placed the handset of the phone into the modem.  You could then start typing.  Slowly, because the computers of the day had little or no RAM, and no way to buffer the input.  So you watched your screen and the cursor to make sure you never got over 3 characters ahead of the cursor.  But it was direct transfer of data, WooooHoooo.  It was considerably better than phone transcription of code strings….

I remember that phone that was on my desk.  It was a full sized model, leased from ATT, yellow.  My phone bills grew to be exotic because you paid by the minute (depending on time and distance) at least cents per minute.  At 256kbs it took a while to get anything done.


My first PC was an Epson Equity III.  No data transfer with that machine, the modem simply wasn’t around yet, though I’ve been told that the US military had the DoD network and a limited supply of modems by 1980.  I first became aware of the possibility in the very late 80s.

Compac.  Cutting edge PC technology, I owned several.  My uncle hardwired 6 Compacs together to boost the CPU useage.  It was a pretty impressive stack.

The first computer I remember having a commercial grade modem on was a Dell that I bought because the modem was actually inside the case.  Simply plug your phone line into the computer!  It was a real step up.  Probably 1992 or so.  Used bbs as code, you can still see it today, it became HTML.  Oh, and the internal modem on that Dell?  512kbs.  I replaced it with a 1024 kbs modem when they became available, I could type at near full speed!!


My first monitor was a ‘grey screen’ model, you never got completely to black or white, about 16 shades of grey.  Next was a Monochrome monitor that (In my case) added yellow to the grey which made it much easier to see.  First color monitor was with the Dell.  3 colors.  Red, yellow, blue.  The blue screen dates from those days.

I got my first beeper and bag phone in the same year, I think 1995.  The bagger was a Motorola that needed line of sight to a tower and was good for less than ½ hour on a battery charge.


Things have changed significantly since then.  My reduction to the 256kbs standard has left me to ponder those changes.  Life is good today, I can tell you for a fact.  I do my writing in Google Drive, a cloud based service.  I have had to stop and wait for the system to catch up 3 times in this number of words.  256kbs was a miracle in it’s day, but it completely sucks today:)

And in the End

These REALLY are the good old days.  Cherish them, live them to the fullest, and move on!

I’m just sayin’


NMF is really starting to heat up.  The rebirth of Net Marketing Forum is a happening place to see and be seen.  You really ought to go find out for yourself.  It’s a great place to meet and converse with fellow travelers on your road to destiny!!

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Quality vs Quantity

Quantity vs QualityThe Mona Lisa

To me, the versus here is out of place. Quantity versus Quality.  There is no contest, no winner, no one or the other.  It really should be Quantity and Quality.

DaVinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Rodin.  We think of these masters as making ‘one of a kind, one time, high quality works’.  But the evidence clearly shows that not to be the case.

DaVinci carried Mona Lisa around with him for over 11 years working on it.  Xray evidence shows at least 40 layers of effort underneath the painting we see today.  He never did give Mona Lisa to the man that commissioned it…

Michelangelo’s David is the work from a single block of marble, right?  There is evidence of at least 10 other statues that did not become David, even though they started that way.

Monet was legendary for painting over works.  Rodin cast his bronze ‘Thinker’ in plaster of paris at least 50 times.

The point is, in the art world as in business, there is no quality with out quantity.  It just doesn’t happen that way.

Play the Numbers

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, wants a group of people that positively affect their business.  Be that a downline, be it a mailing list, whatever.  We all want a few great people helping us to our goals.  The way to find them is to sort through a huge number of candidates.  Nobody knows who is going to be the quality one.    Keep your funnel full of candidates and the quality people will come.  It isn’t fast, it isn’t pretty.  It just is.

Speaking of Numbers

Are you an ideal downline member?  Do you do the things you search for in others?  Are you upgraded at lots of programs?  Do you write intelligent and thoughtful chat posts and feedback?

If you aren’t, maybe you ought to consider trying out for a quality position before you demand it of others.  Be what you want others to be, it will amaze you how you can attract the kind of helpers that you want, simply by being that person.  What a concept.

The number here is one.  You.  Be what you want others to be.

And in the End

Quality and Quantity go hand in hand, they are not exclusive of one another.  You get what you are is a universal law.

I’m just sayin’


I strongly urge everyone to go check out the resurected NetMarketing Forum.  It’s back, and has a chance to exceed it’s former glory.  All it takes is one.  You.  Head on over there, get involved, make a difference.  It’ll come back to you in big numbers.


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Net Marketing Forum (NMF)

Net Marketing Forum (NMF)Net Marketing Forum Logo

Paradox.  NMF is at the same time one of the oldest sites on the internet and only 3 days old.  What??  How can that be?

Jon Olson (yes, that Jon Olson) started Net Marketing Forum in 2002 to give marketers and affiliates a place to hang out, air their laundry and hawk their wares.  It was an enormously popular site throughout the industry, with many of the ‘titans’ being active members.  Reported to be quite a place for new and old to meet and mingle.

Then, like all things, it got old.  The script wasn’t the best (so name me a script that is untouched since ‘02 and still working), the spammers were applying heavy pressure to the site and many of the original members had moved on.  Jon decided to quit maintenance on the site in 2012.  It limped along for a while then was taken down.

But not forgotten.  Quietly, on November 4th, a new NMF emerged from the ashes at the same address as the old.  Reborn, it came back with new script running the forum and none of the baggage of the old place.  A Forum is Reborn!!

Why You Might Care

The old NMF was a great place to meet and mingle, and the new one is shaping up to be.  It’s a state of the art forum script that is easy to use and understand.  It’s FREE for all members.  It’s a place to ask questions and get answers.

How to use NMF

It’s easy, really.  Go to the site, register, read the rules (one short paragraph) and post into the ‘New Members Forum’.  It’s that easy.  You can modify your profile to reflect your business, carry a signature line and more.  Then how much or little you participate is really up to you!

I think it’s going to be a great resource for the entire industry…and that you ought to go check it out.  All of the links in this article go directly to the signup page.  It costs you nothing, now or ever, so these aren’t my affiliate link, just a link to the forum.

I’d like to personally thank Jon and TimTech for bringing back a great resource.  Thank You!

And in the End

NMF stands to be a great place to get to know others in the business.  The opportunity for all of us is large, and what you make of it is entirely up to you.

I’m just sayin’

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