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Paradox.  NMF is at the same time one of the oldest sites on the internet and only 3 days old.  What??  How can that be?

Jon Olson (yes, that Jon Olson) started Net Marketing Forum in 2002 to give marketers and affiliates a place to hang out, air their laundry and hawk their wares.  It was an enormously popular site throughout the industry, with many of the ‘titans’ being active members.  Reported to be quite a place for new and old to meet and mingle.

Then, like all things, it got old.  The script wasn’t the best (so name me a script that is untouched since ‘02 and still working), the spammers were applying heavy pressure to the site and many of the original members had moved on.  Jon decided to quit maintenance on the site in 2012.  It limped along for a while then was taken down.

But not forgotten.  Quietly, on November 4th, a new NMF emerged from the ashes at the same address as the old.  Reborn, it came back with new script running the forum and none of the baggage of the old place.  A Forum is Reborn!!

Why You Might Care

The old NMF was a great place to meet and mingle, and the new one is shaping up to be.  It’s a state of the art forum script that is easy to use and understand.  It’s FREE for all members.  It’s a place to ask questions and get answers.

How to use NMF

It’s easy, really.  Go to the site, register, read the rules (one short paragraph) and post into the ‘New Members Forum’.  It’s that easy.  You can modify your profile to reflect your business, carry a signature line and more.  Then how much or little you participate is really up to you!

I think it’s going to be a great resource for the entire industry…and that you ought to go check it out.  All of the links in this article go directly to the signup page.  It costs you nothing, now or ever, so these aren’t my affiliate link, just a link to the forum.

I’d like to personally thank Jon and TimTech for bringing back a great resource.  Thank You!

And in the End

NMF stands to be a great place to get to know others in the business.  The opportunity for all of us is large, and what you make of it is entirely up to you.

I’m just sayin’

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