Quality vs Quantity

Quantity vs QualityThe Mona Lisa

To me, the versus here is out of place. Quantity versus Quality.  There is no contest, no winner, no one or the other.  It really should be Quantity and Quality.

DaVinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Rodin.  We think of these masters as making ‘one of a kind, one time, high quality works’.  But the evidence clearly shows that not to be the case.

DaVinci carried Mona Lisa around with him for over 11 years working on it.  Xray evidence shows at least 40 layers of effort underneath the painting we see today.  He never did give Mona Lisa to the man that commissioned it…

Michelangelo’s David is the work from a single block of marble, right?  There is evidence of at least 10 other statues that did not become David, even though they started that way.

Monet was legendary for painting over works.  Rodin cast his bronze ‘Thinker’ in plaster of paris at least 50 times.

The point is, in the art world as in business, there is no quality with out quantity.  It just doesn’t happen that way.

Play the Numbers

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, wants a group of people that positively affect their business.  Be that a downline, be it a mailing list, whatever.  We all want a few great people helping us to our goals.  The way to find them is to sort through a huge number of candidates.  Nobody knows who is going to be the quality one.    Keep your funnel full of candidates and the quality people will come.  It isn’t fast, it isn’t pretty.  It just is.

Speaking of Numbers

Are you an ideal downline member?  Do you do the things you search for in others?  Are you upgraded at lots of programs?  Do you write intelligent and thoughtful chat posts and feedback?

If you aren’t, maybe you ought to consider trying out for a quality position before you demand it of others.  Be what you want others to be, it will amaze you how you can attract the kind of helpers that you want, simply by being that person.  What a concept.

The number here is one.  You.  Be what you want others to be.

And in the End

Quality and Quantity go hand in hand, they are not exclusive of one another.  You get what you are is a universal law.

I’m just sayin’


I strongly urge everyone to go check out the resurected NetMarketing Forum.  It’s back, and has a chance to exceed it’s former glory.  All it takes is one.  You.  Head on over there, get involved, make a difference.  It’ll come back to you in big numbers.


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