The Good Old Days

Stay Right HereHarrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and 2 Star Troopers.  Black and White

I’m thinking Carly Simon, here.  That sweet voice “…stay right here, cause these are the good old days…”

I have found myself pushed squarely into the good old days.  No where near sure what exactly what happened, but my internet connection has been reduced to an actual 242 kbps.  Yes, that is kilo bits per second.  I’ll have a technician here next Monday, exactly one week after I reported the problem…<deep sigh>

I had a 256 kbs modem in 1990.  Nobody knew how fast it was, because it was simply called a computer modem.  It was a cradle modem, you dialed the phone number, listened for the handshake to start, and placed the handset of the phone into the modem.  You could then start typing.  Slowly, because the computers of the day had little or no RAM, and no way to buffer the input.  So you watched your screen and the cursor to make sure you never got over 3 characters ahead of the cursor.  But it was direct transfer of data, WooooHoooo.  It was considerably better than phone transcription of code strings….

I remember that phone that was on my desk.  It was a full sized model, leased from ATT, yellow.  My phone bills grew to be exotic because you paid by the minute (depending on time and distance) at least cents per minute.  At 256kbs it took a while to get anything done.


My first PC was an Epson Equity III.  No data transfer with that machine, the modem simply wasn’t around yet, though I’ve been told that the US military had the DoD network and a limited supply of modems by 1980.  I first became aware of the possibility in the very late 80s.

Compac.  Cutting edge PC technology, I owned several.  My uncle hardwired 6 Compacs together to boost the CPU useage.  It was a pretty impressive stack.

The first computer I remember having a commercial grade modem on was a Dell that I bought because the modem was actually inside the case.  Simply plug your phone line into the computer!  It was a real step up.  Probably 1992 or so.  Used bbs as code, you can still see it today, it became HTML.  Oh, and the internal modem on that Dell?  512kbs.  I replaced it with a 1024 kbs modem when they became available, I could type at near full speed!!


My first monitor was a ‘grey screen’ model, you never got completely to black or white, about 16 shades of grey.  Next was a Monochrome monitor that (In my case) added yellow to the grey which made it much easier to see.  First color monitor was with the Dell.  3 colors.  Red, yellow, blue.  The blue screen dates from those days.

I got my first beeper and bag phone in the same year, I think 1995.  The bagger was a Motorola that needed line of sight to a tower and was good for less than ½ hour on a battery charge.


Things have changed significantly since then.  My reduction to the 256kbs standard has left me to ponder those changes.  Life is good today, I can tell you for a fact.  I do my writing in Google Drive, a cloud based service.  I have had to stop and wait for the system to catch up 3 times in this number of words.  256kbs was a miracle in it’s day, but it completely sucks today:)

And in the End

These REALLY are the good old days.  Cherish them, live them to the fullest, and move on!

I’m just sayin’


NMF is really starting to heat up.  The rebirth of Net Marketing Forum is a happening place to see and be seen.  You really ought to go find out for yourself.  It’s a great place to meet and converse with fellow travelers on your road to destiny!!

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