Black Friday

Black FridayBlack Friday Kicks Off

With my deepest apology to Steely Dan, I am sitting here singing “When Black Friday Comes….”

Black Friday??

Specifically, TimTech’s Black Friday.  102 special sale deals offered one hour each from 6:00pm EST Thursday til Midnight (EST) Monday, December 2nd.  If the past performance is any predictor of what will be (and I can assure you it is) the deals and savings will be epic.  EPIC.

Clean out your ashtray in the car, under your couch cushions and check your pockets in the laundry basket.  You will want every cent you have available to take advantage of these deals.  Every single cent.

That’s it?

Really?  I have become a shill for TimTech?  I’m going to leak away a whole column on a 102 hour sale?  Really??

No.  The sale is epic, and no doubt about it, but to me, the celebration of the sale is way more important.

Last Year

Was a mere 96 hour sale, with 96 hours of spreecast right with it.  96 continuous hours of basic craziness with a whole bunch of people in our industry.  Why would I care??

I’ll tell you why.  I was relatively new to the area at that point, and not only did I make some deals that propelled me down the path that I am on today, but I got to know, like and trust a whole bunch of folks that have been incredibly important to any success I might have today.  I can’t overstate the importance.

Who could be THAT Important?

I’ll be honest, it was the star power of Jon and Justin that got me started.  It was a little like reality TV with two guys that I really admire.  They really are magic on camera together, and that alone was enough to get me.  I think Justin made the first 48 hours of the sale without going to bed!  I certainly didn’t:)

But it was the guests, and guest hosts and hangers on that really impacted me.  I’m never going to be able to remember all (I will actually take notes this year), and forgive me for not mentioning everybody that impacted my experience.  I’m old.  I forget.  Sue me.

Walter Mudler

Turns out, one of the great guys in the business.  He invited us into his home in the Netherlands, dropped a wine glass on camera, and several other things.  My biggest impact?  He had to give up his host spot for a church board meeting.  I knew I could trust him right then…

Janelle Pineau

It wasn’t when I first noticed Janelle.  Who could not?  She is (and certainly was then) a bundle of hustle that I wanted to know better.  I think she was at least in the audience for about 90 hours, just there almost all the time…Today I consider her one of my best friends in the business and am way better off for our friendship.

Bill Gorcsi

Heck, for all I knew a year ago, Bill the badge guy was a gnome that lived in a cave in Canada. Made all the badges for TT, and did some design work.  Wow.  There is a real live human, witty and quick and funny there in that house!

Patrick Griffin

One of the stars of the show.  Patrick carried huge chunks of the show all by himself, and proved to be a wonderful host and person.  It really is a shame that the copy of that spreecast is lost, Patrick had some moments that were beyond funny…

Rob Paris

The Aussie flash.  He took over much of the overnight duty for the spreecast, I got to spend a lot of time with him.  I’m in awe of his computer cave, and what he can do offhand with it…I’d have never, ever gotten to know the Sweeva legend if not for Black Friday…

Who is it This Year??

There are more, many more.  I could go on and on and on…But I really want to get ready for this year.  Who will be that guy or gal?  Who will I get to know a whole lot better?  I just can’t wait, I’m like I was as a child in the Christmas season…it never seems to get here.

And in the End

Will I help this year?  Yes.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you then and there!

I’m just sayin’

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