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You know what’s really nice?  Writing a product review for a product that really works.  In fact, it works so well I wonder how the writing of this column will go.  We will see, I suspect.

What it Is

Simply, an advertising Cooperative.  Nothing particularly new about the concept, it’s a well proven tool in the market.  You advertise their site, they advertise yours. Here is what sets the Legacy Team Co op apart is it’s reach.  Just now I checked my last 10 hits stat, and all 10 of them are at sites that I don’t even recognize.  Not that they just reach ‘low budget’ TEs, my most active stats box shows Top Hits 4 U on top.  Always a good choice.

What it Isn’t

The be all and end all for your advertising.  It’s a great resource, but it isn’t meant to take the place of your advertising efforts, it is designed to be a part of a total advertising strategy.

Like all things in the advertising world, testing and checking should be mandatory. Trck.me links work just fine in LTC.  Use them.

What I Really Like

I really like the way that Legacy Team Co op’s web site is set up.  Very clean and easy to use, I love the design and especially the drop down menu system.

I really like the simplicity of the site.  Everything I want to do is intuitive and easy to do.

I really, really, I mean REALLY like the way it works.  Even if it were clunky and hard to use it would be a very useable product.  It’s not, and it’s great.

What I don’t Like

I don’t like that there are no customizable splash pages.  I really like to put my picture/video in a prominent position when I am advertising a product.  I feel like I get more ‘bang for my buck’ that way.

How to Use LTC

It’s a good product to promote on it’s own merits, you couldn’t go wrong just doing that. You get credits at the co op every time you pay to have their site shown.  Makes it a win win situation all by itself.

It’s also good for expanding your advertising reach.  You can get your face and product seen at a LOT of places.  For a very reasonable price, I might add…

And In the End

Another great product from the Legacy Team.  Just can’t go wrong with this one…

I’m just sayin’


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