Winners, Losers Begin

Winners and Losers  Winners and Losers Thumb Gestures

It’s not the end of the year, but I can see it from here.  Time for the ‘winners and losers’ of 2013.


Lynn M’s Super Saver Series.  From the mind, heart and fingers of Lynn M, the saving grace of December.  Lynn unleashed an EMail series that is just terrific.  Save time, money and energy with her bulletproof ideas.

Status:  Winner


There is an absolute welter of new PTCs on the market, and one has gone out of it’s way to distinguish itself as the worst effort of all.  They left the Latin Filler in their sales page. Not even enough effort on the part of the owner to tune up the sales page.  Cumon man!

Status:  Loser

Legacy Clicks

Wow.  The fastest launched and promoted PTC that I have seen.  This place just Rocks, no other words for it.

Status:  Winner


Learn with Nick.

Nick Grimshawe launched the by far best primer for CTP yet.  Personal service, great content, step by step, this has it all.  Just doesn’t get much better.

Status:  Winner


Supposed to launch 3 months ago.  Supposed to launch 5 months ago.  Rumored to launch 8 months ago.  Supposed to be ‘bigger than Google’.  I really hope you didn’t buy into the hype.

Status:  Loser

Your EMail Series

Sunny Suggs brought out a sleeper this year, didn’t have much ballyhoo around it.  Let me tell you here and now, it’s a great step by step for anybody that wants to get into internet marketing.  It is a great how to from somebody that has and does know the ropes…

Status:  Winner


This offering from TimTech is so huge that I forget that it was launched in June.  In true TT style, this one turns the whole business on it’s head and sets new standards for excellence and customer appreciation every week.

Status:  Winner

Splash Page Designers

I have a clue.  It’s not an answer, but a clue to success.  If you use a completely stock (DUSAP) page and surround it with Host Gator Banners, I wonder about your level of sophistication.  Not good at all.

Status:  Loser

Make My Splash

Goes right with the one above.  Get Rhonda to design your splash and you get the pro from Dover.  She doesn’t charge near enough, and one day will realize that fact. Buy her stuff!!

Status:  Winner

And in the End

More like ‘And in the Middle’, This is getting too big.  I’ll pick it up next year!  Happy New Year one and all!

I’m just sayin’

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Five from the Future Past

What Really HappenedThe future in a crystal ball

On the 4th of July, 2013 I published a ‘5 from the Future’ post.  It’s time to go back and see what I got right and what I got wrong.  You can see the entire post right here if you are so inclined.  I am sorry for the baseball scoring, pitchers and catchers report in 51 days, I can’t wait.

Basically, I made 5 predictions for the second half of 2013.  Here they are:

1:  Branding

“Personal promotion with out  a brandable, solid, sellable product attached is not sustainable.”  is what I said at the time, and I think it still holds.  It is not just your picture that ‘brands’ you, it is the whole package of who you are and what you do that gives you a sellable brand in this industry.  You really need to choose the product you promote as carefully as you can.  Simply attaching your picture to a thing does not constitute branding.

Rating:  Single.

2:  Niche TEs

Complete miss.  I predicted the rise of small agile TEs that would tailor themselves to specific niche markets, and specifically to the music market.  I still think that would work, and work well, but I may be the only one.  It would seem to me to be better than the ‘cookie cutter script’ launch that we still see.

Rating:  Strike Three called.

3:  The Future of Blogs.

I said “I believe we are already seeing the rise of the ‘specific’ blog and the demise of the ‘words on a page’ blog.”  Pretty prophetic.  I didn’t really know that Google was going to change the way all writing is rated to eliminate the ‘auto blogs’ and ‘keyword farming blogs’, but it worked out real well for my prediction.  Content really is king.  Good content talks, not good walks.

Rating.  Home Run

4:  The Future of Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate marketers talking among themselves and deciding what is worthy of promotion and what isn’t.”  Well, it worked for me.  Does that count for anything??  I think it does, but for the course of this prediction, maybe not so much.  I still see the ‘Mega Launch’ with a pre launch, a couple of weeks of absolute frenzy, and done.  I was so hoping that was gone.  Anybody else remember Ripplin??

Rating:  11 pitch base on balls

5:  The Future of Social

I started with “I think the future of social marketing is smaller, lighter, more responsive” Shows you what I know.  Facebook rolls along just fine, Twitter went public, everybody loves big social.  Well, everybody that is anybody loves big social.

Rating:  GIDP  (Grounded into Double Play)  A fitting end to this.

Line Score:  2-0 lead for the home team, not bad.  Could have had a chance for a big inning, but I’ll take what I got.

And in the End

It was fun looking forward, it was fun looking back.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I try this again.

I’m just sayin’.

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NerdBuxNerdbux banner

I’ll have to admit, I’m more than a little nervous writing a review for any PTC (I’ve never done one) let alone the hottest product in the market.  I’ll just give you what I know and what I have done, and see how it all comes out.

The Nerdbux Phenomenon

From all my research, the PTC world considers any site new and untested until it is a full year old, and not really trusted until it has paid all it’s bills for two straight years.   Until now.  Nerdbux is barely 6 months old, has over 250,000 members and is in the top 1000 sites in all the internet.  By any standards, it is a roaring success that can’t be denied.

The reason is simple.  TimTech went at this in a completely different way than the standard model.  One of the biggest reasons is that the OWNERS are available to each and every member.  It simply can not be overstated how much this has hastened the growth and reach of NB.  Social seems to work in all aspects of marketing and advertising. Go figure.

What I Like

I like the transparency of the ownership team.  They explain every move in the forum, and listen to every criticism.  It really is unprecedented in the PTC world.

I really like that they even have a forum, also practically unknown in the PTC world.  It’s quite active, and includes lots of ‘self help’ and how to advice from active members.

I really, really like the site layout.  Nerdbux started life as a plain vanilla PTC Evolution script and continual tweaking by the TT team has made it into a very pleasant place.

I really, really like the customer service.  An obvious priority with TimTech, they have carried it into one of the busiest websites on earth with remarkable results.  It can be done…

What I Don’t Like

The PTC Evolution script.  98% of the PTCs are on this script, it looks and feels a lot like every other PTC in use.  TT has tweaked it a lot, but….

Periodic slowdowns.  I get it, the traffic in and around Nerdbux is unbelievable, and even the ultimate grade servers that NB uses is sometimes overmatched.  They stay at it and with it, but it still happens from time to time.

What You Should Know

Nerdbux, like all reputable PTCs has great upside for everyone to make money.  It also has some ways to lose money.  Like all things, it takes some work and management to make money on a consistent basis.

That said, my rental referrals have averaged better than 10% per month return on my investment through the course of the time I have had them.  That is significantly better than the bank, and it costs less, too.  My business account costs me $8.00 per month at the bank, upgrade at NB is only $6.00 per month or $50 per year.  I wish my bank had an annual option…


Nerdbux is an elite PTC, no question.  Using TimTech’s past as an indicator, it will continue to get nothing but better.  Anytime is the right time for Nerdbux.

And in the End

NB is THE best PTC to make a start in, in my opinion.

I’m just sayin’

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Merry Christmas

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas

It’s a great sentiment, Merry Christmas.  I really like the feelings and good cheer that radiate from everybody this time of year.  Very positive vibe, to say the least.

I do celebrate Christmas, and what it means.  Does not mean I am intolerant of anyone or their beliefs, merely a celebration of mine.  Fact of the matter is, I spent about 15 years as a practicing Buddhist, so have a reasonably firm grasp of other views.

What it REALLY Means

The Christmas season is just a great time to be alive, at least in the Christian dominant part of the world.  Most everybody is happier than normal, their outlook is better, and they all look to the brighter side of life.  Always a really good deal.

For those of us in TE land, it is a chance to wish all our customers and friends ‘Good Tidings of Great Joy’ and mean it.  It is a time when we are (almost) all joyful and thankful.  It is a time of year when we afford ourselves the luxury of good feelings towards all.

Why Just Now?

It’s a question I have asked for years.  Why do we get these feelings only once per year? Why don’t we carry them every day?  When you really think about it, every day is a celebration, every day is a chance to wish for ‘Peace on Earth. Goodwill Toward Men.’  If I knew that answer, I would be rich AND famous.

And Then…

My first Grandfather in Law took his company ‘over the top’ on December 25, 1917.  Out of the 138 that left the trenches on their own power, 16 returned.  He had a bone to pick with God from that moment on.  His celebration of Christmas was, well, different.  He raised 3 outstanding daughters, all of whom grew up to be strong Christians and had an impact on their church and their community, because of his tolerance and basic character.

Why is that relevant?  Because Christmas outshines events and tragedies.  Christmas is it’s own reason to feel good and wish good cheer to our fellow humans whether we know them or not.

For Me

Christmas is not a particularly joyous day for me personally.  It is a reminder of the worst day of my life, a time of great sorrow.  But the season IS a time of great joy, is a reason for celebration that carries me along.

And in the End

Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men, is a great sentiment.  I fervently wish you all Merry Christmas!  From the bottom of my heart.

I’m just sayin’

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TimTech CEO

TimTech CEOCigar smoking, money grubbing fat cat

Who is it going to be?  Who is going to be the new CEO at TimTech, while Justin is on vacation?

Is it you?  Do you want to lead a multimillion dollar company for a few days?

All you have to do is make a short video detailing why you think you should be CEO and post it on Twitter using #TimTechCEO.  That is all there is to the entry…and you can see the videos from all the entrants so far by simply using ‘search’ on Twitter.  Enter #TimTechCEO and you can see the whole field.


From the contestant’s perspective, there are several reasons.  In no particular order, there is the salary, the exposure and branding, the fun and challenge of getting way out of my comfort zone, the look behind the curtain, the chance to spend more quality time with some of the leaders of our industry.

Salary  I don’t know about you, but three days of Justin’s salary would be a nice bump for me.  Who am I fooling?  It would probably make my best month of the coming year.

The Exposure.  Who wouldn’t want 3 consecutive TELive sessions?  Really?  I’d turn myself inside out for that…

Comfort Zone.  Stretching myself out of the box that I am comfortable is huge.  Because once you find out you can, it becomes easier.  When it is easier you do it more often. When you do it more often, you make more money.  When you make more money, you want out of the box again!!

Look Behind the Curtain.  Who doesn’t want to see what really goes on at TimTech?  I would REALLY like to see some of their advertising/marketing data.  I would have some very specific questions about a number of things.

Schmooze the Big Dogs.  Think of it.  Direct communications with Jon Olson, Larry Dame, Brenda Broyles, Janelle Pineau, Patrick Griffith.  Maybe even Tim Linden and Justin Ledvina too!  Direct line communications with the Legacy Crew, John Novak, Randy Ritter, William A MillerII, and many others.  Wow.  At one question each, that’s like an encyclopedia of answers.

From the TimTech Perspective

A great opportunity to interact with the community, to showcase their business and talents, and to get to know some of the people they deal with a lot better.  TimTech is a far seeing corporation, and the more they know the people that support them, the better they can act and react.

From My Perspective

I get a lot of exposure and branding from just applying and keeping up the pressure on the other applicants.  I get to do some strange and wonderful things on camera.  I get to interact with other contestants, and get to know them better.  I get to pursue a goal with vigor, right out in public.  I get to let my peers know me better.  I am really a big winner having just applied.

It’s a win for everybody in the entire community.

And in the End

One more thing.  Would make a wonderful obituary item for me.  “One time CEO of TimTech.”  Pretty impressive.

I’m just sayin’

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TE Racing League

TE Racing LeagueTERL Banner

In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, let it be known that Robert Arnold is a friend of mine, and his TE Racing League is one of my favorite places to play on the innerwebs.

Robert is a long time internet tech guy, his outside job is inside the business, too.  Matter of fact, he is in Kuwait right now, working.  A transplanted redneck that lives in North Carolina it’s pretty easy to see that he is a NASCAR fan.

Robert is also a very talented design guy, he has made the ‘match game’ that is so popular at TERL and the Legacy sites, and the race game from Top Flight Traffic. Also the owner of Kar Kreations…


Robert’s design is really fresh and wonderful, he has used his programing skills to make a stock script anything but.  It is NASCAR themed, but so much more.  Everything on the site is easy to find and easy to use.  It is so slick and smooth that he could (and does) do work for others.  Everything not only works, it works as it should.

And then there is the Race Track.  Register on Monday or Tuesday, practice on Wednesday and Thursday, qualify on Friday, happy hour on Saturday and race on Sunday, just like the big boys.  Racing is limited to 43 cars, so you have to qualify to play.  2 hours, no timer, most clicks wins the race with cash, credits and a trophy badge to the winner.

What I Really Like

I really like the theme.  Those are real photos of real race tracks that provide the backgrounds at TERL.  I recognize Daytona and Dover, not sure of a couple of others.

I really like the simplicity of the place and the intuitive feel from all the tabs and buttons.

I really, really like the detail work.  There are gauges and bolts and metal and tires all over the place, TERL leaves no stone unturned.  It’s all meticulously detailed to the end.

I just absolutely love the Race Track.  It’s just a lot of fun and very competitive.  Maybe the most unique feature in all of TE land.

What I Don’t Like

The fact that I am no longer truly fast.  I started the season that way, and am coming back, but I can’t run with the big boys and girls.

That you have to remember to register.  If you don’t register for the race, you don’t get on the track.  Means you better remember on Monday to go click the button that registers you.

TERL History

I think TERL  will be one year old in January.  It’s going to boast 15,000 members before the first of the year, obviously doing a lot of things right.  What you see right now is pretty much how it came out of the gate, except for design touches on the main site and the raceway.  And some rule changes and such.

I have it from reliable sources that there will be a new design for TERL at the first of the year, Robert is really keeping it fresh.  The current design is really good, really good enough to carry on with…

And in the End

Robert ain’t a born redneck.  He comes from someplace up in the NortWoods.  And his guy drives a Toyota.

I’m just sayin’

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Short Stops

Short StopsDerek Jeter

OK, so it’s 57 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, a little early to be talking about shortstops generally…But this is really about several things that need to be reviewed.  Not enough for a whole column, but important none the less.

BTW, this isn’t my favorite shortstop, and far from my favorite team, but it’s a cool picture, right??


If you are not checking the TimTech 12 days of Christmas deals, shame on you.  I understand not buying, but the Santa clips with every one are way to funny to leave alone! You only have 7 left, the videos are epic.  The deals have been epic so far, too!

TimTech Expansion

TimTech has grown.  Two of my favorite people on the innerwebs are now official full time TimTech Nerds!!  Janelle Pineau and Patrick Griffith both joined the staff last week, I would just have a hard time imagining a better pair.  Janelle’s primary responsibility is support and Patrick is the alternate assistant basket maker and content creator.  WooooHoooo.

Sports Nerd Changes Direction

Scott Wright is in the process of making changes to his blog site and his direction in the business.  I for one think it’s a step in the right direction for Scott, and look forward to what’s coming!

Let’s Go Racing, Boys and Girls!

It’s season ending championship time at TE Racing League.  12 drivers qualified throughout the season, and now are racing for the $100 championship.  It’s pretty exciting to be a part of, even though I am too slow to win…And owner Robert Arnold has some pretty good Christmas deals going, too, that are worth checking out.

If you’ve never tried racing at TERL, now is the time.  Register on Monday or Tuesday, qualify on Friday (only 43 get to race on any Sunday) then race on Sunday.  It really is a lot of fun, and there are lots of credits and cash prizes at stake…


The Legacy Trio  have really jumped on the Tiger with Legacyclix.  No doubt they are in for the long haul, so people have been signing up and clicking like crazy.  So much so that they have faced server issues from time to time these first two weeks.  Looks like they have those whipped, and are on their way to a super successful site…


I have to have at least one short bellyache per post, don’t I?  Let me get my contract out and see…


I know launching a PTC is a really great thing, and we all expect you to be rich in the first week.  Just buy the script and find a place to hang it, then let the money flow.  Right?  Here’s a tip for you though:  Take the Latin filler script off your advertising page.  If you don’t have enough time to write a couple paragraphs of copy that is unique to your site, at least take the Latin filler down.  Really.  It won’t detract too much from your trips to the bank.

And in the End

Christmas is almost upon us, and New Years close behind.  Have you made your goals for 2014 yet?  Are they written down?  Are they so that you can evaluate them as you go along?  It’ll make a huge difference to you and your business next year.

I’m just sayin’

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Milestones and Minestrone

Milestones and Minestrone

I have a milestone to announce.  Thursday’s post was the 100th on this site.  When I published my first post on January 17, 2013 I promised to publish weekly.  I guess since I have 100 posts here in less than a year I managed to keep my promise…

Who knew?  That this humble blog would thrive?  Certainly not me, I had no particular reason to expect this kind of result.  It’s your fault, not mine.  Thanks for being there for me and coming back.  It really does move me.  Thank You.

I’ve got about 10 gazillion things running through my mind right now, and I’d like to write them all.  People to thank, wonderment, all the things that make me so incredibly glad to be a part of this community…


All this warm and fuzzy and $6.00 will get me a nice bowl of Minestrone at my favorite restaurant.  This is not a retirement post, I’ll keep plugging along.  I’m going to re publish my first post, not because I am too lazy to really write here, but because I like it and it is just as relevant as it was the first time around.  Well, maybe a little bit because I am lazy…

A note:  I didn’t end this one with ‘I’m just sayin’’  That didn’t show up until my 4th post, in February.

Originally published January 17, 2013.

As I ski out of control down the slippery slope marked “Internet Marketers Only”

How did I get here?  No, HOW DID I GET HERE???  A just a regular guy like me, trying to get by with the bare minimum of effort and work.  What could possibly put me here, now?

An overnight success, that’s what I am.  Long as you know that it’s about a 2 year night to get over…

I spent some time wondering why nobody had REALLY put out anything to help the poor saps like me that are falling all over themselves trying to make a living on line.  Lots of offers of help, but not much real help…Lots and lots and lots of expensive ‘help’ but no results…at least in my case.

Wonder of wonders.  After a couple of years of trying and not even remotely succeeding, the light bulb came on.  I’m not sure yet if it’s a 12 volt led or a halogen spot light, but I am, finally, making progress.  Be it ever so humble…

Which brings me here, to this website and this minute.  I plan to, no I PROMISE to ‘tell it like it is’.  Nobody else that I can find is at all ready to do that task.  I have found some stuff that works, and some that clearly doesn’t.  I will tell stories and name names.  I don’t know what will and won’t work for you, but I do know what has and hasn’t for me.

Which brings me to this:  If you are on line at all, you know that Jon Olsen has re written his old classic, now cleverly called “Pizza Plan 2”.  It’s about budgeting your time and money to make some money on line, and it’s the straight stuff. I got a ton out of the original and the newer, updated version is free and ready!  I recommend it most highly.

Know now that when you click on the link there will be three ‘upsells’ that he will try to sell you when you are getting the free book.  You just have to wait to the end to get the book free, it’s way worth it.  The OTOs (one time offers) aren’t bad, either.  If you’ve got some money laying around, there would be worse places to leave it…Just right click on the link and pick ‘save link as’ to download it to your computer.  It’s in PDF so that ANYBODY can read it…

Which leads me to close this week with one of my very favorite bellyaches.  What’s up with all these ‘OTO’s when you haven’t even laid eyes on the website or product?  Really? You think I might want to part with $150 on a guess?  Really?  Probably not so much for me…

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for reading this.  Please feel free to leave a comment, (it’d make me feel so good:)  I hope you book mark this site and come back often.  I plan to put up new stuff every week…

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The Case for Safe Surfing

How Many is Too Many?Jelly Bean Choices

In my surfing and travels around the innerwebs, I note that at least 17 new Paid To Clicks, 14 Viral Mailers, and 8 new Traffic Exchanges have been released in the last month. These are minimum numbers, the effect seems to be hundreds.

The obvious question is:  How can you and I know which ones have a chance, and which ones don’t?  The answers aren’t near so obvious, but I’ll will try to give some hints and a couple of hard recommendations.


The flurry of PTC sites is just amazing, and we all know that the easy way to make money on the things are to get in at the start.  We also know that most of them will fail in the first 6 months, taking all the time and money that you have invested down the drain with them. How can we tell?

First, don’t believe the claims of members and payouts.  All these scripts have those features built right into them.  I know of one month old PTC that claims near 2,000,000 members and over $500,000 paid out.  Not happening.

Look to see if the front page has at least been modified slightly.  If a new PTC looks just like every other one on the market, it is because it is.  Shows that the owners haven’t put any money or effort into design and function.  Always a bad sign, a new PTC takes a lot of money to make it go, if they don’t put any into design, they probably don’t have enough to go on, and will probably be gone in 6 months without a memory.  Except for those individuals that are owed money in the collapse.  They will remember forever.

There are a couple of new PTCs that I suspect might make it, or at least survive.  There is one that I can recommend without hesitation, LegacyClix.  The Legacy guys have done this right, and LegacyClix will not only survive, it will thrive.  I would fully expect it to be one of the top 5 in the business in less than a year.

Viral Mailers

Maybe even more than the PTCs, new mailers really don’t fail, they just never generate enough interest to make them a viable platform for advertising.  1000 members is not enough to have any use at all…How do you know?

The same clues are useable in mailers, but the truth is, unless they have a name that I trust attached to them, I’m not going to play.  Is Darren Olander involved?  Brad Webb? Jerry Ianucci?  TimTech?  If not, I won’t even sign up until they succeed.  Not just not fail, succeed.

I have not got one recommendation for the new mailers.  I’ll wait and see if one distinguishes itself from the pack.

Traffic Exchanges

Again, the same story.  I’m an admitted sucker for new TEs, I often sign up.  I look for a custom script, an active owner (maybe someone I know??), and signs of advertising activity.  Lacking these, I have a tendency to go away and stay away.  I can only support so many, and I don’t like the idea of carrying one on my back.

That said, I have recently signed up for Hit Funnel.  Owned by Randy Sult, a friend.  It is pretty vanilla right now, but I just happen to know that Randy has plans and aspirations for it, and that he will be an involved owner.  I’m willing to take a chance on him, and will report again in 6 months or so…

And in the End

Most of these new programs aren’t worth a pinch of poop.  Careful involvement is the key for me.

I’m just sayin’

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The Importance of Being Wrong

You Can’t Always Get What You Want…Wrong Road Sign

I am human.  I make mistakes, and sometimes I am wrong.  I need to allow myself the freedom to be wrong, because if you aren’t wrong once in a while, you aren’t trying.

It’s not like I set impossibly high standards or anything.  I like accuracy, and I like to be right (I also like to be correct, there is a difference) but I don’t expect perfection or anything near it from myself.

Why do I seem to need it out of others?

You said What?

I get really irritated when people I know get to talking out of their neck and say something that is just stupid.  I’m not sure if I get embarrassed for them, or just irritated that a friend could be so dopey.  In either case, I’ll fuss about it.  Sometimes, i’ll spend a half a day fussing and thinking about a mistake that a friend has made, or even worse, is about to make…

Yes, you are right.  Wasting a half a day fussing about something that is entirely out of my control is incredibly stupid.

How to Manage Wrongness

I’m going to be wrong from time to time.  You, my friend, need to take that into account every time you read something that I write.  You are going to be wrong from time to time, also.  Though probably no where near as often as I.  It is the natural order of things.

When I am wrong, I would hope you would tell me, in the same way you would tell me that I have a booger in my moustache when we are out in public.  In the way friends tell friends about problems that can be corrected.  I will try to provide the same courtesy to you.

The Key to Being Wrong

I have to know that sometimes, you are going to do a thing that I perceive as incorrect. After my initial warning (hey, you have a booger in your moustache…) I need to let it go.  I have to grant you the right to be wrong, the same way I have to grant me the right to be wrong.

And in the End

I got a great piece of advice from a close friend last week:  “Sometimes I just have to let people be wrong and move on.”

I’m just sayin’

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