Requiem for a Heavyweight

Black Friday Requiem

It’s over.  TimTech’s epic weekend sale and 102 hour spreecast known as Black Friday has gone away. At least in theory Spreecast will archive and save the video for replay. There were some serious highlights that should be saved…But they dropped last years 96 hour broadcast so I’m not overly hopeful for this one.


The Spreecast started at about 5:56 pm EST on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013. Jon, Justin and Tim were on screen to begin.  The first deal came promptly at 6:00 pm EST:  A $14 one day fixed ad at Nerdbux.  More than 50% reduction in price, it set the tone for the rest of the sale.

In the first hour, Justin’s granddaughter Bella joined the spreecast.  She was the first ‘family member’ appear, but would not be the last.  In fact, we got to meet Justin’s two daughters in the first hour, also.

The second deal arrived promptly at 7:00 pm EST ( a trend that was to continue for the next 100 hours):  Lifetime membership at I Love Hits for $37.  It turns out that TT would offer that deal at all 4 traffic exchanges over the weekend.

The first ‘guest show’ happened when Russell Stockley took center stage for his Thursday night show ‘Cup of Time’.  Scott Wright and Bob Pizor would bring ‘Sports Nerds’ to Sunday Night, and the Legacy crew had a CSN show or two.  Even my Saturday show moved.  I am absolutely certain that the exposure gained for all of these will pay dividends in the future.

The spreecast ended as it began at 12:00 midnight EST on Monday December 2, 2013. Jon and Justin shared the stage for the last hour.  They thanked everyone for the help and participation and discussed future plans for the TT TEs.  Facelifts around is the plan.

The Participants

In no particular order:

Jon, Tim, Justin with his two daughters and his granddaughter Bella.  Larry, Bill and Brenda who also introduced us to her daughter Robyn.  Russell, Lynn, Kathy, Rob, Scott, Brian and Geri.  Myra, Mike, Richard, James, Kevin and Rod.  Marcus, Ken, Rodney, Theda, Erica and Corina.

Jon’s son Matty and Justin’s son Trey both played important parts…That comes to 32 (including me), who carried the spreecast all the way.

I know this list to be incomplete.  I was not a participant for the entire 102 hours, and am just certain that I missed some people.  I apologize, it is an error of omission, not commission.    I wish it were more accurate.


These are my highlights, and are entirely subjective.  If you saw any of the spreecast, I am sure you have highlights of your own.  Please leave them in the comments section below so we can all share in the memories.

Again, in no particular order:

.Several people stepped up to the plate by coming on live camera for the first time.  I’m sure I don’t have them all, but remember clearly and fondly Richard A, Erica, Rod, Kris, Brian and Corina.  Really were extraordinary and expect to see more of them in the near future!

Myra P and Kathy K may have been first timers, but the two of them made such a great pairing on the air that I’d like to see them do a show of their own.  Lynn M had the suggestion of Coast to Coast, very appropriate.  They really were special together.

Scott Wright’s interview of David Eaton after the Sports Nerds show on Sunday night was Epic!

The always wonderful Lynn M wins the ‘ironman’ award.  I simply can not believe the hours she put in.

Rob P has been the backbone of the overnight craziness for two years in a row.  It’s hard for me to imagine a marathon spreecast with out Rob.  I don’t think it would work.

Russell Stockley is a dynamic host who isn’t afraid of long hours, trivia or the occasional blue bedtime story.  Epic.

Janelle and Sunny are as delightful live as they are in chat and skype.  They really ought to work together once in a while.


Matty Olson carrying the spreecast solo for over an hour with his phenomenal knowledge of hockey past and present.  Astoundingly good.

There were more, many more.  I really do urge you to put your favorites in the comments here, at least so we can have them for the archives.

And in the End

Fun.  No other word for me to describe it.  Fun.  It’s really good to have fun.

I’m just sayin’

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