Luck as a Life Strategy

LuckGood Luck or Bad?

Some people call me a gambler.  I will wager on most anything, I like the horse races, I have been known to play a hand of cards every now and again.  I have also been known to go ‘all in’ on a business venture in my life.  In fact, I am usually ‘all in’ somewhere.

I don’t see myself as a gambler.  I see myself as a player, and there is a difference.  I also consider myself one of the un-luckiest people I know…How can that be?  Let’s see….

Luck, Man

I almost never buy a lottery ticket.  I used to buy them occasionally for the entertainment value.  For $2.00 I could spend a couple of hours fantasizing about what I would do with the money.  It’s much cheaper than going to the movies, and would entertain me just as certainly.

Today, if I buy a lottery ticket it is because I have a $5.00 bill to pay for a soda at the convenience store and take my change with a lottery ticket.  And never if I have to stand in line.  Even one minute of contemplation reminds me that:  a:  I am horribly unlucky and b:  that I have already used up about 2 lifetimes worth of good luck just getting to right here, right now.

Good Luck

For one thing, I ride a motorcycle.  All the time.  It takes a certain amount of luck to go with good skill and good judgement to stay alive when riding a motorcycle.  I had an incident just this week that was very near fatal.  My skill kicked in, my luck kicked in and all it cost me was a wrecked tire, which is my un-luckiness manifested.

The skill I have built in 50 years of riding.  The luck comes from working hard on my riding.  I almost never just ride, I am always trying to improve my skills.  I work on my cornering technique when I go to the grocery.  I concentrate on my stopping and starting skills whenever I come to a traffic light, I always try to make myself be smoother on the clutch/brake/throttle maneuvers.  I work hard at it…

Bad Luck

Bad luck is easy to spot.  It’s when you flip a coin 100 times and end up with 60 heads.  It’s when you are caught in the ‘stink hole’ in cribbage.  It’s when your horse that you have carefully handicapped to a win clips heels with another horse right at the starting gate.  It’s when you go to pick up a first date and have a small piece of spinach stuck on your front teeth.

Bad luck is easy to spot, everybody knows it when they see it.  Good luck is harder to spot, but so much easier to use.

Luck, Again

I know all about good luck.  It’s easy.  No really, it is.  All you have to do to be very lucky is to work harder than everybody else.  Yes, it’s that easy.  Hard grinding work is what makes lucky people and lucky outcomes.  Lottery winners are statistical freaks, real luck is made. Plain and simple

And in the End

H + P = L.  It’s a mathematical formula.  Hard work plus Perseverance equals Luck.

I’m just sayin’

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