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In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, let it be known that Robert Arnold is a friend of mine, and his TE Racing League is one of my favorite places to play on the innerwebs.

Robert is a long time internet tech guy, his outside job is inside the business, too.  Matter of fact, he is in Kuwait right now, working.  A transplanted redneck that lives in North Carolina it’s pretty easy to see that he is a NASCAR fan.

Robert is also a very talented design guy, he has made the ‘match game’ that is so popular at TERL and the Legacy sites, and the race game from Top Flight Traffic. Also the owner of Kar Kreations…


Robert’s design is really fresh and wonderful, he has used his programing skills to make a stock script anything but.  It is NASCAR themed, but so much more.  Everything on the site is easy to find and easy to use.  It is so slick and smooth that he could (and does) do work for others.  Everything not only works, it works as it should.

And then there is the Race Track.  Register on Monday or Tuesday, practice on Wednesday and Thursday, qualify on Friday, happy hour on Saturday and race on Sunday, just like the big boys.  Racing is limited to 43 cars, so you have to qualify to play.  2 hours, no timer, most clicks wins the race with cash, credits and a trophy badge to the winner.

What I Really Like

I really like the theme.  Those are real photos of real race tracks that provide the backgrounds at TERL.  I recognize Daytona and Dover, not sure of a couple of others.

I really like the simplicity of the place and the intuitive feel from all the tabs and buttons.

I really, really like the detail work.  There are gauges and bolts and metal and tires all over the place, TERL leaves no stone unturned.  It’s all meticulously detailed to the end.

I just absolutely love the Race Track.  It’s just a lot of fun and very competitive.  Maybe the most unique feature in all of TE land.

What I Don’t Like

The fact that I am no longer truly fast.  I started the season that way, and am coming back, but I can’t run with the big boys and girls.

That you have to remember to register.  If you don’t register for the race, you don’t get on the track.  Means you better remember on Monday to go click the button that registers you.

TERL History

I think TERL  will be one year old in January.  It’s going to boast 15,000 members before the first of the year, obviously doing a lot of things right.  What you see right now is pretty much how it came out of the gate, except for design touches on the main site and the raceway.  And some rule changes and such.

I have it from reliable sources that there will be a new design for TERL at the first of the year, Robert is really keeping it fresh.  The current design is really good, really good enough to carry on with…

And in the End

Robert ain’t a born redneck.  He comes from someplace up in the NortWoods.  And his guy drives a Toyota.

I’m just sayin’

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