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I’ll have to admit, I’m more than a little nervous writing a review for any PTC (I’ve never done one) let alone the hottest product in the market.  I’ll just give you what I know and what I have done, and see how it all comes out.

The Nerdbux Phenomenon

From all my research, the PTC world considers any site new and untested until it is a full year old, and not really trusted until it has paid all it’s bills for two straight years.   Until now.  Nerdbux is barely 6 months old, has over 250,000 members and is in the top 1000 sites in all the internet.  By any standards, it is a roaring success that can’t be denied.

The reason is simple.  TimTech went at this in a completely different way than the standard model.  One of the biggest reasons is that the OWNERS are available to each and every member.  It simply can not be overstated how much this has hastened the growth and reach of NB.  Social seems to work in all aspects of marketing and advertising. Go figure.

What I Like

I like the transparency of the ownership team.  They explain every move in the forum, and listen to every criticism.  It really is unprecedented in the PTC world.

I really like that they even have a forum, also practically unknown in the PTC world.  It’s quite active, and includes lots of ‘self help’ and how to advice from active members.

I really, really like the site layout.  Nerdbux started life as a plain vanilla PTC Evolution script and continual tweaking by the TT team has made it into a very pleasant place.

I really, really like the customer service.  An obvious priority with TimTech, they have carried it into one of the busiest websites on earth with remarkable results.  It can be done…

What I Don’t Like

The PTC Evolution script.  98% of the PTCs are on this script, it looks and feels a lot like every other PTC in use.  TT has tweaked it a lot, but….

Periodic slowdowns.  I get it, the traffic in and around Nerdbux is unbelievable, and even the ultimate grade servers that NB uses is sometimes overmatched.  They stay at it and with it, but it still happens from time to time.

What You Should Know

Nerdbux, like all reputable PTCs has great upside for everyone to make money.  It also has some ways to lose money.  Like all things, it takes some work and management to make money on a consistent basis.

That said, my rental referrals have averaged better than 10% per month return on my investment through the course of the time I have had them.  That is significantly better than the bank, and it costs less, too.  My business account costs me $8.00 per month at the bank, upgrade at NB is only $6.00 per month or $50 per year.  I wish my bank had an annual option…


Nerdbux is an elite PTC, no question.  Using TimTech’s past as an indicator, it will continue to get nothing but better.  Anytime is the right time for Nerdbux.

And in the End

NB is THE best PTC to make a start in, in my opinion.

I’m just sayin’

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