Winners and Losers Again

Winners and Losers AgainWinners and Losers Road Sign

Happy New Year!!

I know that it was last year when I began this column, but I really hope you can remember it.  I try to find the winners and losers for 2013.

Current Stuff

TimTech.  Began the year on what I thought was a pretty good roll, great products, great service, great ownership.  During 2013 they introduced ListNerds, Nerdbux, and Rocket Responder.  All three are industry leaders, how much better does it get than that?  We can just wait and see.

Status:  Winner

JimTech.  As in NerdClix by JimTech.  Loser.  An incredibly brash copy of a company and a product by an obviously inferior product and company.  This is plagiarism and copyright violation taken to the extreme.

Status:  Huge Loser

All of my Links.  A long running program from Sunny Suggs.  I got into it early last year, and can’t believe how much I use it.  I just keep putting stuff in there, and AOML just keeps it in order and easy to find.  I just happen to know she has a sale on right now, too.

Status:  Winner

Combined Banner Pages.  Ugh.  Please let them stop.  I have counted as many as 96 banners on a single page.  Really.  Please, advertise one thing at a time.  Please.  The only one making money off these are the programmers that sell them….

Status:  Loser

Legacy.  Another company that has taken off like a rocket.  Brand Me Tool, Legacyclix, Legacy Team Co op, Cash Surfing Network (with Eric Goetman) all new this year from a well established company with a reputation for service and quality.

Status:  Winner

Serial Viral Launch People.  Carl Reising launched several TEs this year, 2 in December alone.  Matthew Graves launched 3 mailers, but he folded the first two and left his customers holding the bag…

Status:  Loser

The good news?  There are way more winners than losers.  The rest here are winners of note.

TERL.  Traffic Exchange Racing League.  Always one of my favorite places to play, Robert Arnold has put a brand new look on the place for a brand new year.  Very nice.

List Build Surf  John Novak and his buddy Leo have a great TE going, and John has started to share his knowledge and techniques in a book and articles.  Always a winner!

Eric Goetman.  In fact, make that the Goetman family, along with brother Daniel and father Ed, Eric is building a nice empire of extremely good products.  New this year are Cash Surfing Network, PTC Professor, $100 Bribe and more.  EG rocks.

Learn with Nick.  Nick Grimshawe just crushed his CTP stand aside program in 2013.  It is really an interactive site, so the crushing continues.  Wonderful program.

You.  Right here, right now is the time to decide that you will be on the winners list for next year.  It is not out of the reach of anyone, plan and write your goals and aspirations, then make them happen!

And in the End

There could have been hundreds on the winner’s list.  I’m thinking you and I should both be on it next year.  What a great ride 2013 was!

I’m just sayin’

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