Emperor Chronicles III

The Emperor Chronicles

or   My Private Journey to the Pinnacle of the Business World.

Well, for better or worse, it happened.  I won the contest to be the CEO of TimTech.

For the next week, I will write my impressions and thoughts about the process right here.  My regular blog will resume presently.

Manic Monday

It’s begun.  I wasn’t online for 2 minutes when Jon and Justin grabbed me, showed me the secret handshake and showed me the back door to the palace.  They haven’t given me the key to the front door yet, but I’m sure it’s just an oversight…

Dr. Clixhas launched, a new PTC from (doc) John Novak.  Squarely backed by TimTech.  My first official order as Emperor would be to check it out right now…Right Here!

I was actually up early this morning.  With all the anticipation of Christmas morning when I was 6.  I usually meditate for at least half an hour every day, that shortened up some, I didn’t even get my second cup of coffee until after the coronation.  Wow.  Things move really fast at this level.

Prioritizing.  Today is all about doing what I need to do next.  My time and timing is already off my normal pace, there are added things that need to be done right now if not sooner.  This emperor stuff is not all relaxing by the pool, I’m telling you!!

This is pretty weird for me, writing for my blog the same day I post.  I have done it a lot for the badge hunt blogs, but this goes on mine.  Normally I have it written 24 hours before I post.

I’m just sayin’

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