Emperor Chronicles IV

The Emperor Chronicles

or   My Private Journey to the Pinnacle of the Business World.

Well, for better or worse, it happened.  I won the contest to be the CEO of TimTech.

For the next week, I will write my impressions and thoughts about the process right here.  My regular blog will resume presently.

Takeoff Tuesday

24 hours into my reign as Emperor of TimTech.  What have I learned??

For one thing, the pace and the pulse of this place is incredible.  Even when it is quiet and calm looking there is a lot happening!  This is a pretty well oiled team, that functions well together.  I was seriously impressed at the volume of work and the camaraderie that is just natural with them.

Humor is a huge part of the deal.  Lots of of giggles throughout the day.  Shared angst and anger is part of it too.  They fire each other up, and go like crazy.  Pretty impressive.

I was able to contribute a small part to the day.  After I ate lunch, I did the absolutely normal thing for me, took a short nap.  The bad news (good news for most) is that I did so on a TT skype call.  Tim even made a badge from a picture of the Emperor sleeping!  Some time today we will figure out how to award this uber exclusive badge.  Watch for your chance!

On a personal note, my new site is launching today at 2:00 pm EST.  Yes there will be a spreecast, yes we will have some fun.  Yes, I am nervous, but I just can’t think of a better crew to have at my back.  Let’s do this deal!

24 hours.  Not very long.  I have learned a ton, and have months worth of contemplation about what I have seen and heard.  What a great ride so far!!

I’m just sayin’

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