Emperor Chronicles V

The Emperor Chronicles

or   My Private Journey to the Pinnacle of the Business World.

Well, for better or worse, it happened.  I won the contest to be the CEO of TimTech.

For the next week, I will write my impressions and thoughts about the process right here. My regular blog will resume presently.

Wonderful Wednesday.

This is going to be a mixed bag, yesterday was wound up with Emperor duties and launch duties for TrackeryMe.  Made for an exciting day to say the very least…

Let me say this plainly:  There is no better team to have behind you on a product launch than the TT team.  From early yesterday morning and right through TE Live they were helpful and supportive.  I’m sure being the Emperor had something to do with it, but this is a genuinely helpful group, and they contributed greatly to my ‘first day’ success.

For the record, as of right now, TrackeryMe  has 189 new members, and TimTech has referred 145.  WooHoo, thanks guys!!

I really wasn’t too involved yesterday, I was busy going crazy over the launch.  I needn’t have worried, Sunny Suggs had it handled.  What I did get to see was some of the personalities at TT.  The people behind the pictures, as it were.  Once again, I was amazed at how the various people mesh in everyday situations.  That whole crew gets a ton of work done, in close (electronic) proximity with good grace and humor.  Not that nobody gets mad, or expresses frustration, or has problems, all those happen.  The whole theory seems to be “OK.  Let’s just fix it and move on.”  and then do so.

I was a huge fan of TT before this started.  My appreciation for each person and the company has grown significantly through this experience.  Wow.

For those of you who missed TELive yesterday, it was perhaps the most memorable ever.  We got to see, live and on camera, Jon perform personal grooming.  The archive doesn’t exist, you will have to take my word for it.  Memorable!

One more thing to note for today.  Jon has written a scathing post at Hit Exchange News (HEN).  I don’t know about you, but I will make NB forum part of my daily routine for the next month or so.  It’s not like I didn’t believe Jon all along, I just had all kinds of reasons…make that excuses.  So, I may make a fool of myself, but that will certainly not be the first time.  Thanks Jon.

Thanks to one and all for the success of the TrackeryMe launch.  I really appreciated it.

I’m just sayin’

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