Emperor Chronicles VI

The Emperor Chronicles

or   My Private Journey to the Pinnacle of the Business World.

Well, for better or worse, it happened.  I won the contest to be the CEO of TimTech.

For the next week, I will write my impressions and thoughts about the process right here.  My regular blog will resume Saturday, January 11th.

Farewell Cruel World

Well, it has happened.  Your beloved Emperor has been tossed like a sack of garbage into the great dumpster of TE Land.  The king is dead, long live the king.

At least in my case, the distance and time between the peak and the valley is not very long.  I was the emperor until midnight last night.

It was a glorious three days, wasn’t it?  Two big credit deals, and a fixed ad special at NB for the common folk.  I never did get around to the raises and vacations for the TimTech staff, maybe next time…

I really was allowed startling access to the day to day internal workings of TimTech.  It’s remarkable, really how that whole group meshes together.  Everybody knows their job and goes at it tooth and nail.

Big projects and small come and go with suddenness. I was in on part of the discussion of three major projects that might or might not happen, they are in ‘exploratory’ stage.  And no I’m not telling…But the creative process and ability is remarkable..  I’ll do this, you do that and we’ll go from there.  And do.

Having been on the inside, I now know why TT is the 800# gorilla in the TE industry, and I’m going to spill the secret so that all of us can do the same.

  • They work.  Hard.
  • They take action.  Each and every one of them.
  • They persevere.  Do they ever.
  • They don’t fear failure.  They embrace it.

 So there you go.  The well kept TimTech secret formula is now out in the open.  Feel free to use it to your best advantage.

I learned a lot in my tenure as Emperor.  I had a lot of fun.  I kept the one promise I made to Jon before we started.  “I don’t hate TimTech”.

I’m just sayin’

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