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I get it.  It’s January.  New Year’s resolutions are in full force.  Millions of people are losing weight, drinking less, have stopped smoking, are writing a blog.

Why?  It’s easy.  Because we should.  Lose weight (for the record, I started AGAIN in November), drink less, stop smoking (ah, but the cigars are nowhere near as tasty unlit) write a blog.

Why Blog

For those of us new to the industry, it is the absolutely premium way to get our names and faces out to the public.  Good content, written on a regular basis, and published in a clean and legible package will get people to notice you, get them interested in you.  It is an absolutely proven method to being noticed and trusted.  And anybody can do it.

It’s not the overnight means to success.  In order to succeed in the ‘blogoshpere’ you need to be ready to persevere.  You will write great posts that don’t get a single comment.  Your subscriber list will grow at an agonizingly slow pace.  It is the way of the world.  Seth Godin didn’t start out with 5,000,000 subscribers, he started out with one.  You will too.

Maximize your Return

There are some things the new blogger can do to accelerate her presence on the net.

Advertise.  I use my whole blog as an advertising page, casual readers can simply click on the ‘ad’ to read my blog without going to my webpage.  I also have an incredibly clever series of splash pages which say simply “Tom Wacker’s Blog Rocks”  with a subscription form.  Both work.  The point is, self promotion is needed in this business.

Let people know that you have published a new post.  THIS is the right way to promote using Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.  Simple, short messages to your friends, followers and associates are incredibly effective.  Those (free) tools are laying there for the taking, just use them wisely and judiciously.

Be visible.

Post good appropriate comments on other blogs.  Nothing, I mean nothing will get the attention of a fellow blogger like a thoughtful comment on his blog.

Hang out.  I love TELive, the 1 hour show that comes from TimTech at 4:00 pm EST every weekday.  Comment in chat, participate, and when Jon Olson asks, be ready with the link to your blog.  It doesn’t happen every day, not even every week, but those are some people to expose yourself to.  There are other shows.  Legacy holds forth every day.  Heck, my weekly spreecast welcomes blog links.  Bring them!

Volunteer.  If you hear ‘somebody ought to write about this’ or ‘somebody ought to do this’ or ‘somebody needs to __________’  pay attention.  Then do it.  I simply can not overestimate the effect of saying ‘yes, I will blog every day about the badge hunt’.  That exposure was absolutely priceless to me.

Stay with It

I like to publish on a set schedule (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).  I do publish more than 3 per week, some ‘guest posts’, some specials.  But I always publish 3 times.

I have some friends, successful people all, that are talented writers.  They publish irregularly, when they have something special to say.  I really, really wish they would write more.  But they are successful at it doing it their way, so I just wait eagerly for the next installment.  I don’t recommend that path, but I respect it.


Read every blog you can, every day.  It is a great source of material and ‘I like the way she did that’.  Plus it will make you a better writer.  The more you read, the better you write. Simple fact.

There are a whole bunch of exciting new blogs and bloggers in the industry right now.  It is a very good time for blogging in TELand.

Here is a list of new blogs that I am excited about.  I’m sure I have missed some, please, please put your ‘new favorites’ or your blog in the comments section.

Kris Rogers

Carl Davis

Richard Arblaster

Scott Rohn

Paul Vassell 

And in the End

Longest post ever published for me, and it could have gone on.  I’d guess you could say I am passionate about blogging!

I’m just sayin’

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